Interior Design Reflects Who We Are

We Are What We Eat….So Are Our Homes!

Recently our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, completed a client’s refresh of her decor.  After the last piece was in place, of this wonderful opportunity, she said, “ really nailed it!  This is me exactly. How do you do it?”  It’s simple.  The right design for an interior always reflects who we are.

Motivational Monday


In past posts, we’ve often shared how each of us gets motivated to work on a new project.  For Kristen, her alter ego loves fashion.  For me, my inner self is a traveling personal chef.  Long before we all took selfies, I took portraits of food that moved me.  If clients saw what inspirational images are in their files, before we finish the project, they might think them odd.  Food brings color to life.

The Salad

Our salad client likes the decor to be light, airy, and with all kinds of colors that play nice together.  Like a big bowl of healthy greens, their decor is a foundation that can be easily changed up as often as desired.

The Savory

Ah, signora and signore savory want their decor to be consistently welcoming and cozy.  Like a big pot of pasta, ready to feed anyone who stops by.

The Sweetheart

There is a little of the sweetheart in all of us.  We all want a peaceful spot in our homes to kick off the day, and tuck us in at night.

The Experimental

The experimentalist is willing to try new things and counts on quality and taste to make it all work together.  We all love these “no guts, no glory” interiors.

What Kind Of Foodie Lives Here?

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Hidden in this post, is a simple fact, that no matter who we are, our homes reflect us.  Using the right interior designer “gets us” right from the start….no matter what we eat!

Note:  All of the photos today have come from our Pinterest boards.  We do our best to add photo credits on each photo when we can.  However, for any of those we have shared uncredited, we thank each designer and/or photographer.  We welcome proper credit info and will promptly add to this post.

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