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Living Large In A Small Space

Mr. LBD was sure we’d lose all our friends if we moved to a smaller homes, without a large guest room… or two.  I will this time!

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Living Large With Fewer Small Appliances

Today, small appliances are getting larger and creating storage wars within our kitchens.  

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(5) Savvy Reasons To Rent Rather Than Buy A Home

A day does not go by where the term “downsizing” is not heard in our industry.    Even if someone is not looking to move from a larger abode, to a smaller one, in the near future, many are tossing around the idea.  What is refreshing to us is that it’s not just us “older baby boomers” pondering living larger in smaller homes.  We’ve got some pretty savvy younger groups who say why wait?

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The Secret To Successfully Staging A House To Sell

The best real estate agents know using an interior designer to prepare a property for market is an important tool in their box.  But what is the secret that designers use to always make every staging successful?

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