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Before & After Living Room..Oh My!

laurelbledsoedesign-littleblackdomicile-before and after-living room-fireplace

Everyone has our own taste when it comes to decor.  What works for one homeowner may not work for the next one.  Good designers will work with the assets in a space to create personalized designs.  Six years ago, our interior design firm, Laurel Bledsoe Design, had the opportunity to assist our client with today’s before and after of this living room.

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No Matter The Weather…Coffee Is Universal

Do Certain Aromas Smell Like Home?


 Sure chilly, curl up to the fire nights or after a sunny morning walk can get us thinking about a good cup of coffee. But when is it we really savor the scent of a cup of joe?  For a very large percentage of us, it’s when our feet hit the floor each morning.  Scents create emotion and no matter the weather, where we are, or how we get it…Coffee Is Universal!

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Ah..The Funky Little Space Under The Stairs

Ever catch yourself thinking about all the glorious real estate under the stairs? Go ahead and open the door that leads to this cavern of space. If your home is like many, that space is on the clean-out and purge to-do list. Unless of course, you’ve been crafty and and are already using this charming space under your stairs.  Live in an abode without stairs?  Join us anyway for these inovative ideas.  

Home Office

Country Living

For many, our working at home needs are changing. Staircases are often in pretty nice foyers and can make for a welcoming home office. Open the walls and create a working corner with all these functions. Don’t need an office per se? What a great place for Mom central!

Covered Storage

The Owner Builder Network

Drawers offer such a great way to compartmentalize and organize all kinds of things. Paperwork, photos, hobby materials, candles, seasonal hats, gloves, mittens, games, and toys. Toys? Oh yes, what a great way to pick up, store, and start fresh every day!

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The Most Important Part Of Every Decor

Motivational Monday


“Make Every Day a Holiday….and Every Meal a Banquet.” -shb

Just as important as how we build and furnish our homes, are the people we share it with.  Friends and family are a big part of our decor. Today’s Motivational Monday quote is from my spouse, Mr. LBD, who always chooses to have a great day. The day I chose him….I made a pretty good decor decision.   Have a wonderful week!

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Nothing Like A Farmer’s Market

Therapy We Can Eat

Is it just me, or does all the produce at the markets look even more appealing this year? Aren’t we all ready for a little therapy we can eat!

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It’s Purging Season-How Many is Too Many?

taberanddrew .jpg


No, this is not a landfill.  If you are honest with yourself, you may have a similar stash of plastic grocery bags lurking in your home.  This is what happens when we save to reuse… but don’t.   We subscribe to various trade publications that often have long articles about recycling and how to house the items being recycled.  At times it is overwhelming and leaves me with a big sense of guilt that I should be doing more.

So true to my approach of how I justify everything…I threw out all my hoard of these reminders that I was not reusing them at the rate I was acquiring them.  Yep…I tossed them in the regular trash collection on a Wednesday.  (gasps)  Thursday I started a system that has worked for me for several years.  I do have a few reusable type bags I use, when I remember to put them in the car, on a big shopping day.  However, I like shopping in smaller batches, stopping at a store as part of another errand on my way home.  So I do bring in 5-7 of these bags every week or so.  There is no set number. AND I reuse them to the point of sometimes running out before the new ones come in!  Let’s take a look at what works for me.

Cool Idea


First, is this not a great way to store these babies?  Plus you get points for saving the life of one Kleenex box.   A box this size can be kept almost anywhere.

blanda-blank-serving-bowl__40771_pe134582_s4eat this not that .jpeg

Next, the way I use our bags most is for kitchen trash that I don’t put down the disposal.  We cook most nights, and have marathons on Sunday, so we have a lot of bits and bobs of “stuff” and wet food packaging.  Using a $2.99 Ikea stainless bowl, I place a bag as a liner and toss anything in it that is too messy, or too smelly for the daily trash.  It’s so easy for me to toss as I go and clean up once. These bags get placed in the freezer until trash day.  Since we live in Florida, we have trash pick up 2x a week. We now have trained ourselves to automatically get “the freezer” trash on garbage day.  We also place our cans/glass in these bags and then put the bag into the recycle bin. Saves trips to the bin and keeps the bin cleaner.   I feel pretty good when I reuse and also recycle any bags I bring into the house each week.


Lastly, if you have one of these guys hanging around your abode…you know another endless use of a plastic bag!

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