Our Own Miss Metalology



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Is it okay to mix the metals in your home’s decor?  Of course!  Do the metals of your faucets, light fixtures and cabinet hardware really need to match?  Of course not!

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A Fantastic Budget Friendly Kitchen Update

Why Do Kitchen Updates Cost So Much?

Our kitchens get a workout at holiday time.  In addition to planning and preparing the special meals and extra baking, we need to feed the masses that are on school holidays and guests who are visiting.  This is a time when it is easy to see the short comings of our kitchens and start dreaming about what we’d like to improve.  But why, oh why, do kitchen updates cost so much?  What if we show you a fantastic updated kitchen that is really budget friendly?

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The Weekly Review Little Black “domicile”! 12.10.17


Catch Up On With Interior Design and Decor Ideas


Holiday Decorating Traditions -Does Anyone Still Use Tinsel? -litttleblackdomicile

Click Here – Holiday Decorating Traditions

Does Anyone Still Use Tinsel?

Never Ask A Gal Her Age While She Is Decorating For Christmas- littleblackdomicile

Click Here- Never Ask A Gal Her Age While She Is Decorating For Christmas

The Best Christmas Decorations To Use When You Love Your Home!

10 Of The Most Unique Christmas Trees-littleblackdomicile

Click Here- 10 Of The Most Unique Christmas Trees

You’ll Never Miss The Needles!

A big thank you to the blog, Minimal-Lol  , this week for mentioning that she reads our posts as a brief respite from decluttering as she talks about how a minimalist lives with a maxi-list!

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We starting thinking about how to get all the gifts where they need to be, got ready to spread Hanukkah greetings and we are ready to host the party with these ideas saved to our Pinterest boards this week.  So many interior design and home decor topics await.  Pick The Pinterest Boards You Want To Follow Here  It’s like your own private magazine!

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Never Ask A Gal Her Age While She Is Decorating For Christmas

The Best Christmas Decorations To Use When You Love Your Home!

Never Ask A Girl Her Age @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy

It’s very hard to improve on a decor that has been lovingly curated over 20 years.  Especially one where the owner, our client, has the “touch” when it comes to the finishing touches that make every house a home.  So when she asked us to make some suggestions on how to freshen up her Christmas decorations, we had to tip toe outside the design box …again.

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Holiday Decorating Traditions

Does Anyone Still Use Tinsel?

christmas tree with tinsel and red ball ornaments
photo via WYFF News 4

Boy, is that a blast from the past!  Is tinsel a part of anyone’s holiday decorating anymore?  Did your parents ever “save” the tinsel from year to year making it your job to pick it off the tree?  Regardless of whether or not you use the coveted shiny “icicles”, we bet you have some serious holiday decorating traditions of your own.


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I’m Ready For My Close Up Mr. DeMille

5 Steps To A Personalized Gallery Wall

Yes, to finish off the week, we are still talking about displaying art, pictures, photos, and gallery walls.  However, today we would like to officially kick off the Christmas month with a small challenge.  And don’t worry, even if you don’t know the answer, you can have the festive recipe for a Christmas Sangria by kjandcompany anyway!

“What do a holiday recipe and a gallery wall have in common?


KJ&Company  Christmas Sangria

kjandcompany Christmas Sangria Recipe Here

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Mirror Mirror …What’s The Right Way To Create A Gallery Wall?

So Many Ways To Hang Art!

littleblackdomicile.com gallery wall

A few weeks ago a reader suggested we do a post about how to hang pictures.  This morning, with the sun streaming into our home, I took a few extra minutes to look at a few of our art pieces.  Sometimes art needs to be hung with precision.  Other times, the way pieces are grouped together is part of the “art” itself.  Today, let’s talk about all the ways to create a Gallery Wall.

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Interior Designers Are The Hairdresser of the Home

Have you ever cut your own hair badly or had a DIY interior design project flop?


Interior Designers Are The Hairdressers Of The Home

Raise your hand if you have ever stood in front of your mirror crying after a botch job to your hair “just to get you by till your next appointment”, or worse yet to “save money”!  Or, have you made an even more costly mistake with your home by implementing a DIY project without an overall interior design plan? Raise your hand again!

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