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Do You Have Spices Older Than Your First Born? – Week # 8

The Sunday Spy 8.12.18


We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Designs that are a little different from the norm, like this one shared by Tom House Property.  At first glance all we see is the infusion of red into this bathroom via the large avian art. With a closer look we see such intricate details that make this bathroom’s interior design unique. 

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What Is A Deconstructed Kitchen?

Personalizing A Spec House TV Area Before & After-8.8.18


When a builder, or developer as is the case in many Florida communities, builds a house without a specific homeowner under contract for that property, it is called a Spec House.  The builder speculates what a prospective buyer will want to buy in terms of the layout and finishes.  Even in the best built spec homes, buyers will want to do some personalizing.

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Oh If We Only Had A Mudroom! – Week # 7

5 Favorite Staircases With A Personality


The latest statistics show that we have just inched over the 50% mark of more homes having staircases than not.  In new construction, many have more than one set of stairs.  Regardless of whether or not we choose to live in a house with stairs, we can all agree that staircases are a stunning feature of our homes interior design.

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