It’s Real Blarney…We Love Green In Interiors!

We’re Green With Envy Again

monsieurbleu-mossy green velvet bench-velvet chair-mirrored wall-sconces

Monsier Blue Restaurant

Ever been pinched because you misinterpreted the shade of green acceptable to wear on this upcoming holiday?  In honor of St. Patrick, we will be sharing some of our favorite interiors that know what it means to be “wearin ‘o the green”.  Go ahead and pinch us…we have thick skin!

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No Man Is An Island…Unless He’s In The Kitchen

We All Want To Own An Island!

pinterest DIY white open wood island with slab wood top

Most of the definitions of an island include the word isolation. Most say an island is something detached from other things.  Technically all this is true.  However, don’t you think an island in the kitchen is just the opposite of all this?  We do.

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I’ll Have My Cake And Eat It….On A Countertop… Too

Countertop Obsessions


More decisions today are made in our kitchens than in any of the board rooms across this country. This is especially true as life becomes more digital. How many times have you paid bills, planned trips, checked school assignments and synchronized calendars working off your kitchen countertop? We confess, much of this blog gets written in this exact way. Early mornings and very late nights, standing doing last minutes edits or notes for the next great idea we have. With our kitchens being the command hubs, counters have to take on so many different functions.  Because this is a design blog…we say those counters need to look good while doing it! So what better way than to make a countertop look good than to have a cake on it?!

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5 Points Designers Use To Successfully Mix Color and Pattern Into A Neutral Decor

At Times A Neutral Decor Needs A Little Nudge

Fashion Fades Style Is Eternal -YSL

When a recent virtual design client told us she was bored with her “too neutral” design we asked if she would like to introduce color and pattern back into her decor? “Yes…but I have no idea where to start!” – al

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An Interior Design Team Uses These Two Tricks To Stay Creative

Creativity Doesn’t Always Happen 9 To 5

littleblackdomicile quotes

Everyone working in a creative industry knows that the juices don’t always flow freely.  More often than not, those juices can start to slow without much notice.  And it’s almost guaranteed they will stop completely with a deadline looming.  In the interior design world this can be a problem!

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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere



decoist chrome "x" bar cart with glass decanters of warm bourbons
Chrome, glass, mirrors and lighting create a statement!

Time Zones can play havoc with even the most seasoned of travelers!  Even a simple one hour difference can keep us checking the time.  One thing that does seem to be governed by our internal clock is our beloved happy hours.  Regardless if adult beverages are involved or not, the ritual of winding down the day and preparing nightly rituals is something to look forward to.  Especially on a Friday!

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