Historic Home For 15 Generations

It’s The People Who Live In A House That Make It A Home

Bledsoe House Creelsboro KY 1792-house-historic homes

In today’s world of real estate hopping, not many fathers can say they lived in the same home as their father.  How many can say 15 generations of fathers called the same house their home?

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How To Reuse, Renovate, Re-Purpose And Create Residential Architecture

Who Says A Tiger Can’t Change It’s Stripes?


Does your heart skip a beat when you walk, or drive, past a piece of architecture that has been renovated and repurposed to be used for residential living?

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How To Stage A Home & Appeal To The Majority Of Buyers

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Buyer!


As full service interior designers, we love projects that have clearly defined goals and definite timelines.  Assisting homeowners, and their real estate professionals, stage a home to appeal to the majority of buyers are these very projects!

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The Free Architecture Diet & Exercise Plan

quote-about-architecture-bajarke in


It’s early January of a brand new year!  Many of us are feeling sluggish and ready to start fresh.  However, the idea of any kind of scheduled, planned, costly commitment is the last thing we need.  What if we take advantage of the architecture in our own cities to get a little free diet and exercise plan underway?  Read more…

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How Important Is Curb Appeal For Our Home? Before & After 9.5.18



When buying a house first comes location, location, location.  However, once the house is ours, the most important thing to make a house our home is curb appeal.

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