I’ll have a Lime with Mine

Ugh! They do this to us every year and it’s really a bit of a pain to most designers.  We are talking about Pantone’s Color of the Year.


Pantone says these annual colors are “A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.” 

We respond that yes, once this almighty entity  (and who authorized this?) makes the announcement the culture does go wild and starts using “the color” with abandon. Let’s take a look at what happens in our world.

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Curry On


Benjamin Moore Dash of Curry 2159-10

As designers, some colors simply strike us. Often, for me, they are colors that I can almost “smell”.  Spices have such depth.  When a color grabs our attention, we can see visions of how wonderful these hues will be in a decor.  Dash of Curry is one of these such colors.  I’ll admit I am on the verge of obsession about this one!


These puppies will make it into my pillow hoard.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Now this might be an “heirloom” to create that will be passed on.


An Entire Wall of this is the Bomb

(but no cords showing please)

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Whomever gets to “grow up” (no matter their age) in this kitchen is eons ahead of the rest of us on the happiness scale!



Artists Love these Pigments

Art - Houzz .jpg

Installed on Clip Rings these Panels could be put “on” when the mood strikes you or “off” to change up the decor.  So progressive of you!

Drapes-Dining Room.jpg

How about the next spice over …a bit of Nutmeg?


Or dark chocolate with cayene pepper?

(Yes, we might be a tad obsessed !)

Bathroom - Rug & Wood.jpg

All Kristen’s Photos- Pinterest

 There are so many ways to use this bold, rich color successfully.  It can be used  as accents in otherwise neutral color pallets or become the neutral in a room.  Either way, likes it’s mentor, this color is timeless.  Don’t be afraid to use it in decor furnishings or as full force statements with paint and in tile.  Dash away and brace for impact!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

The Inspiration

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Stick a Fork in It


We work with color everyday.  Clients often ask us what colors are in, what colors are out, what color is universal?  We say…let’s move past those colors…they are going to change before the paint dries.  Instead, let’s look for color combinations that inspire us.  Colors that excite and intrigue us. Color combinations that are unexpected.  Look at all the ways the same color, in this photo of a simple utensil, are used to create these striking and unique interiors.





FullSizeRender 3.jpg









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Blanco-Bland or Brilliant



White kitchens remain the number one choice for kitchen renovations and new homes. They are clean, crisp and striking in many decor.  They can be styled with interesting amenities to add color and show our various personalities. Traditional, transitional or modern in design they are selected many times because they are considered a “safe” choice. We’d prefer to say that a white kitchen is a great foundation for some very savvy design choices.   Let’s take a look at this kitchen.



White walls and same color wood moldings make this kitchen current yet timeless. The cabinets feature the hinges…on no, haven’t we been brainwashed that this is “bad”?  The movement in the white-gray veining of the stone for counters and full splash is striking. Larger size fixtures over the island give balance to the space. Choosing a warm, neutral flooring works nicely with the Scandinavian finishes of the furniture. Could also work with rich, darker traditional wood furnishing pieces.  Love the mix of modern art with the traditional  cabinetry which introduces a little edge!

Next lets look at a kitchen that has many of the same elements as the white kitchen but ventures out to use a dark finish with the cabinets.   Both designs use inset cabinet doors, a large vein counter stone and splash, and an island with large pendant lighting. Here are thoughts about this design.




This kitchen takes a few more, appreciated, chances with the rich pained cabinets. There are a number of color hues that could be used for this effect. When choosing cabinet colors complement the rest of the homes decor.  The contrast of the dark color on the window trim adds to the overall impact of this space.  Although the walls remain painted white with a similar color in the moldings, there is an immediate feeling of invitation in this space.  It does not “feel” dark.  And the lighting…oh my!  You see that we have a warm gold metal on the lighting and the cool metals of the stainless and faucets.  This is a perfect way to mix metal finishes.  The chef’s shelf in the same marble as the counter offers a large-scale blending of materials and usable interest. I want to cook in here!

The subtle point we’d like to make in this post is that nationally “safe” decor can be wonderful.   So can stretching outside the norm a bit.  Kitchen planning and cabinet companies can do a good job helping you select cabinets, counters, hardware and plumbing fixtures.  Using an independent designer can help you be confident making decisions that will take your project to the next level…simply perfect for you!


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Mermaid’s in Paradise

Remember how we started off the idea of this blog….we said we’d talk about topics of interest to us.  We’d mix in questions that come up during our projects. We have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients. Lately we are getting similar questions about the use of color.  “Is color coming back?”  What colors are “in”?  “Can I use a little color…I’m tired of gray?”  We suspect gray is a tad tired of us too.

Our Response

Color never left, all colors are in, and yes designers are experts at showing you how to use any color you can dream up in the very best way  for your spaces.

Just for fun, and remembering that all design is personal, let’s see if you’d be ready to use either of these two colors in your decor if a designer recommended them to you.


Benjamin Moore Mermaid’s Tail



Benjamin Moore Paradise Valley


Yes, no….maybe you’d have to think about this.

What about using both of these colors together?  Yep…you’d want to think about this!


How about now? Simple, classic and just a tiny bit adventurous. We’d meet this designer for a beverage any time!  Joining us?

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