Never Ask A Gal Her Age While She Is Decorating For Christmas

The Best Christmas Decorations To Use When You Love Your Home!

Never Ask A Girl Her Age @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy

It’s very hard to improve on a decor that has been lovingly curated over 20 years.  Especially one where the owner, our client, has the “touch” when it comes to the finishing touches that make every house a home.  So when she asked us to make some suggestions on how to freshen up her Christmas decorations, we had to tip toe outside the design box …again.

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Five Ways To Enjoy Your Home This Fall



Red Earth or Mars

Three weeks into the fall and we’ve yet to hear of anyone who does not love this season!  On the contrary, most people are just giddy about the changes that come after the heat of the summer and before the chill of winter.  Our homes play such a big part in the feeling of fall.  For Friday Favorites let’s share ways we all will enjoy our homes this season.

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If The World Is Your Oyster..

You Can Learn How To Select Timeless Paint Colors

Today let’s look at some fantastic interior design that takes a clue from mother nature and the humble oyster shell, creating spaces that are uniquely appealing.  If you are new to the blog, we invite you to sign up to follow us on a regular basis.  Sign up in the link below and we will send you the list of  8 favorite paint colors inspired by a plate of oyster shells!  Already an email follower and want the list?  Simply drop us an email and the list will be on it’s way. Sign Up To Get Oyster Inspired Paint Colors



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How Does A Designer Nail A Paint Color Every Time? How can you?


0493FD12-0349-45BB-9333-B553CA7ABAE5It’s so easy to look at a photo in a magazine, on Pinterest or Instagram and identify with the decor of a particular room.  To see ourselves living in the very space, especially like the one above that are so lovely with layers of a creamy white and off white color palette.  We like it, even love it, and want to recreate the look in our own homes.  How do rooms like these evolve?  How do we choose just the right paints to use the first time around? It can be so simple…

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Interiors That Make Us Green With Envy


Color trends for home decor come and go.  Trends seldom come back again because, well, they were trendy!  Overdone and often a tad boring.  Designers who have been in the industry as long as we have don’t like trends.  We’d much rather see our clients create homes to reflect their personalities, are in sync with the architecture of their home and use classic colors that can be timeless.

One Of These Timeless Colors Is….

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