It’s Real Blarney…We Love Green In Interiors!

We’re Green With Envy Again

monsieurbleu-mossy green velvet bench-velvet chair-mirrored wall-sconces

Monsier Blue Restaurant

Ever been pinched because you misinterpreted the shade of green acceptable to wear on this upcoming holiday?  In honor of St. Patrick, we will be sharing some of our favorite interiors that know what it means to be “wearin ‘o the green”.  Go ahead and pinch us…we have thick skin!

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Do Blondes Have More Fun…In The Bathroom?

Thinking Outside The Big White “Bathroom” Box

decor pad white bathroom-white tile-white cabinets-white countertop-white walls

dexepakchopra get rid of the box quote

Has anyone noticed that in the last year or so, the idea of a minimalistic decor has evolved?  Not as many of us want an “all white” decor….even in the bathroom.

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Fashion Inspired By One Of Our Interior Designs

Fashion and Interior Design Are Soul Sisters!


jodie'stouchofstyle and littleblackdomicile design inspiration
How to Take Room Inspiration for our Clothing Style

  You’ve gotta hop over to Jodie’s Touch Of Style Blog and learn more about how these outfits were inspired by one of our interior designs.  The comments on their blog show us all how much we love our fashions and designs.  Way too much fun for a Thursday!!

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5 Points Designers Use To Successfully Mix Color and Pattern Into A Neutral Decor

At Times A Neutral Decor Needs A Little Nudge

Fashion Fades Style Is Eternal -YSL

When a recent virtual design client told us she was bored with her “too neutral” design we asked if she would like to introduce color and pattern back into her decor? “Yes…but I have no idea where to start!” – al

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Good Interior Design Is Timeless


February Fashion Reminds Us Good Interior Design Is Forever


Dorothy Draper Inspired Dining Room with Red Chinese Chairs

Fashion hits the runways in February each year.  Social media is flush with all the new styles that are to grace our closets and make their debut at upcoming events.  Personally it is overwhelming.  This a time I count on the classics to blend the new with the old stand by and create a fresh new look that I can manage.   The same can work with our home’s interior.   Just because good interior design is timeless doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from a little kick in the tush every so often.   Continue reading “Good Interior Design Is Timeless”

10 Gutsy and Glorious Bathroom Paint Colors

“How hard can it be to paint a bathroom?”-RG

Apartment Therapy Navy Wall Bathroom

Ah, the war cry of the weekend painter!  Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the house.  Surely they should be the easiest to paint….right?  Perhaps, until you pick the wrong paint color.

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Little Black “domicile”! – An Interior Design Blog One Year Later


Good Design Is Everywhere And For Everyone!

peeled oranges - the humble ye defiant orange

The Humble Orange Is How This Blog Started

Gorgeous color, refreshing fragrance, and an explosion of taste.  For me a white bowl of oranges on the table inexpensively adds to the decor and reminds us to take a few minutes out of our days and treat ourselves.  I like that oranges remain defiant in today’s constant on the go lifestyles.  No matter how you prepare….peeling, slicing, or segmenting….an orange takes a little time and is deliciously messy!

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Never Ask A Gal Her Age While She Is Decorating For Christmas

The Best Christmas Decorations To Use When You Love Your Home!

Never Ask A Girl Her Age @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy

It’s very hard to improve on a decor that has been lovingly curated over 20 years.  Especially one where the owner, our client, has the “touch” when it comes to the finishing touches that make every house a home.  So when she asked us to make some suggestions on how to freshen up her Christmas decorations, we had to tip toe outside the design box …again.

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