Help is Just a Digit Away


Chances are you have a smart phone or a camera and a computer.  These items combined with as little as one digit and you have the tools you need to work with a designer…remotely.  You can have your own personal designer on call, just an email, text or phone call away.

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Does this “Art” Make My Wall Look “Big”?

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.45.46 PM.png

That’s a loaded question.  In any other context  we often do not like the answer.  However, yes my dear, your wall does look “big” and it looks great!

Do you have a large wall in your home?  Whether you live in a condo, an apartment or a house, our guess is that you could find some empty wall space to play with.  Could this be the meaning of less is more?

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Somethings “Off”


Often in a home that we otherwise love, there might be a feature that is a little out of our comfort zone. Perhaps something like a lot of blue and white marble as in the photo above. Although there are some cool pieces here, I’m not getting the urge to cuddle up yet. Is the marble just too blue….is a costly renovation in the future?

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Friday Night Cat Fight

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.45.54 AM.pngHouzz

It’s been said working with two designers is like putting a pair of cats in a bag and letting them work it out. It’s not a pretty thought.  While we can see how this might happen, nothing could be further from the truth with our partnership.

We bring two perspectives to each project. Most times the overall foundation of our concepts are very similar. However, no matter how many times we work together we can always count on each other to look at the same thing just a little differently. Such was the case recently when this kitchen in Houzz caught our eye.

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An Open Door Policy

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.-Milton Berle


Houses are full of doors.  Entry doors at the front, side and back of a home welcome everyone into our lives.  Interior doors provide necessary privacy.  Other types of doors cover the less than tidy places in our home.  We use a lot of doors!  Yet, doors can be one of the most overlooked ways to add design to a decor.  Let’s take a look at these examples where the doors are featured and ever so attractive! (photos in this post compliments of Pinterest and AD)




Soft Muted Color

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Fab Friday Finds

Online shopping for home decor is at an all time high. We are constantly asked about the quality of items that seem priced to good to be true.  We encourage our clients to take advantage of online discounts and pop up sales.  Two suggestions tho…work with your designer to discuss the value of the pieces you are considering in regards to the plan your have for your decor.  Sometimes a “deal” can turn out to be very costly.  Below are a few items currently on clearance that are good values.  Let’s look at how they might work in your existing decor.


Currently Available at Ballard Designs Online Clearance Section

Madame & Monsieur Pillowcase Set #FL936

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.51.43 PM.png

Available in Tuxedo Black and White

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.51.46 PM.png

Or Subtle Sandalwood

It’s hard to find a pair of King cases anywhere near this price.  Ones that meet your inner Francophile in 2 classic colors even harder.  We can see these as an addition to a neutral, ivory/white/gray bed linen decor.

Ellis Glass Table Lamp #LT859

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.57.22 PM.png

Available in Light Blue and Amber

These lamps are just so interesting and versatile.  They will look good day and night.  We can see them on a pair of nightstands, a dining room buffett or individually in almost any situation. Almost like pieces of art.

Parker Pom Pom Raffia Pillow#RP079

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 5.02.13 PM.png

In Black

These 18×18 pillows could be used in so many decors.  A little black pom is a detail that is never wrong!

Brass Bamboo Hurricane #AC464


2 Sizes

Candlelight is always a plus in any decor.  These hurricanes keep things safe while being so chic.  Use individually, in pairs or even groups.  Everyday and for special occassions.

This site is not monetized and we do not profit from suggesting these finds.  Like many of online and retail outlets for home goods,  we are members of Ballard Designs Trade program. Because we use their items in our projects we can recommend the quality.  

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The Family Jewels

It’s Friday Favorites!

Who wouldn’t pick jewelry as the any day of the week favorite?


Black Dress Edited.png


Chandelier 2.jpg

Tech Lighting

 Jewelry and lighting have noticeable similarities. Adding lighting to a room can have the same effect as adding a necklace to your Little Black Dress.  Think of lighting as the rooms jewelry. Adding the perfect necklace to a simple dress makes a statement similar to the statement that lighting makes to a room.  The combinations are endless!



Visual Comfort


In both fashion and decor, the accessories can be casual or more formal. Lighting can be an accent or a focal point of a room. Dress up your home with lamps, wall sconces, pendants and chandeliers just like you dress up your outfits with bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Perhaps even consider “seasonal” lighting?  There is no rule that says we have to keep the same light fixture until the next major renovation. What if you change out the lighting in your home every so often?  What a mood lifter!





Visual Comfort

The perfect LBD that gives us so much confidence in our wardrobes , follows the same concept of a well planned foundation for each room in our homes.   Gives us a license to be a little more daring with decor items.


Statement Necklace.jpg




Next time you are adding the finishing touch to your outfit… perhaps you will start dreaming about another light fixture as well!



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A Swan is Born


This chair is currently available at Room & Board.  You can select from multiple leg and fabric finishes to “make it more your own”.  Although it is a classic design, I’ll be honest, in todays world of Pinterest and Houzz  most of our clients would not look twice at this  chair.

Thank goodness one of our very best clients had a room of these!

photo 4.JPG

She purchased these years ago. Relocating from state to state, and in multiple houses….these puppies made the cut each time and ended up in her current home. The fabric worked in her previous decor. There was nothing “wrong” with these well made chairs.  However, from the beginning of an extensive, all consuming, construction renovation I was dreaming about how these chairs  could evolve and kept on about them. Almost to the point of nagging.   After a well deserved break, from her life as a construction manager (and may I say she did a bang up job!),  with creamy crocodile seats, linen backs and individual russet sashes these chairs are indeed striking!  They are visible from several rooms and are the perfect finish to the project.  Just recently she said, “Good design never goes out of style.”   However, we think these chairs will now be forever “in style”!


Take a look at these chairs below…someone feels the same as we do. Classic designs with a timeless personality!


Albert Pinto

Dining Rooms are unique spaces in our homes.  They are rooms that host our most special family events and other times rooms we seldom use.  These are rooms that offer endless possibilities of how they can be used in so many ways. Designer’s love to get our hands on these versatile spaces!  No matter how you use yours…at the very least…we hope you get a little smirk on your face every time you walk by.  If not, maybe you should contact us for a quick digital design!


Our first guest contributor is coming up this week.  It’s a guy’s post….this is an equal opportunity blog.  Sign up your significant other so they don’t miss it!

Hairdresser of the Home

image-1Why Hire a Designer?


Have you ever said to yourself, in frustration after finishing a home project, “My next project I’m hiring an interior designer!”? A designer can replace those frustrations with results that exceed your expectations  while saving you time and money in the process.

The right designer will take time to get to know you and determine the wants and needs for your project. By asking you simple questions, we can understand how you want to live.  This will be beneficial when designing a project specifically for you. Interior designers also bring our professional knowledge, experience and insight to your project. We will  listen to your ideas and help you expand the concepts to make them even better.

Using an interior designer can give you access to “trade only” furnishings, fabrics and accessories for your project. We can connect you to talented trades people such as sub contractors.  We will be your liaison communicating with them on your behalf.  Using an interior designer you are more likely to stay on budget and avoid costly mistakes. Best of all, by hiring an interior designer you will  be able to create a decor that is a reflection of you…without the frustrations.-Kristen under 50 view




Kristen did such a nice job professionally explaining the benefits of using an interior designer. No need to repeat. Instead I’ll share  this.  Years ago my hairdresser made the comment that she and I did the same thing…she for clients hair and me for their homes.  She was so right and her words have stuck with me.

A good haircut is one that suits “us” best. It can be styled in so many different ways. Colored in hundreds of shades.  Changed over and over, trying new things or reverting back to our comfort zones.  No matter how badly  we treat it, even when it gets dangerously out of control,  it’s fixable.  We look at it every day, several times a day and count on it to be there for us.

Now go back and change haircut to home and see if you agree that little miss snippet was onto something…using professionals has it’s perks!  –Laurel over 50 view

Is your home ready for that perfect “hairstyle”?

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The New Heirlooms


This is one of several photos currently in Ellle Decor of a small apartment.  The chest caught my eye.  Often we are asked how to incorporate a family piece into a new decor.   I am now on the side of being the “mom or grandma” with a few things in storage…or, honestly, simply tired of looking at these things!   Disclaimer:  I want to first relay that I would never be insulted or hurt if something gets updated in order to work for its new owner.  That would actually make me happy.  It’s also ok  with me to say you simply don’t want something. Goodwill awaits. However,  in the event you want to create your own character piece…let’s take a look at these beauties that could easily be painted (yes wood can be painted…its not a sin) to be ever so perfect for today.


Found on Craig’s List Sites 

In the event you don’t have a super chic Mom or Nana ready to unload some pieces… these all could quickly resemble the Elle inspiration.   With the extra cash you’ll have from not buying a new piece, you could add a marble overlay top from your favorite stone shop remnant yard!



What about this IMG_9178.JPGfor a kiddo’s room?


The possibilities are endless!

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