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Holiday Decorating Traditions -Does Anyone Still Use Tinsel? -litttleblackdomicile

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Does Anyone Still Use Tinsel?

Never Ask A Gal Her Age While She Is Decorating For Christmas- littleblackdomicile

Click Here- Never Ask A Gal Her Age While She Is Decorating For Christmas

The Best Christmas Decorations To Use When You Love Your Home!

10 Of The Most Unique Christmas Trees-littleblackdomicile

Click Here- 10 Of The Most Unique Christmas Trees

You’ll Never Miss The Needles!

A big thank you to the blog, Minimal-Lol  , this week for mentioning that she reads our posts as a brief respite from decluttering as she talks about how a minimalist lives with a maxi-list!

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We starting thinking about how to get all the gifts where they need to be, got ready to spread Hanukkah greetings and we are ready to host the party with these ideas saved to our Pinterest boards this week.  So many interior design and home decor topics await.  Pick The Pinterest Boards You Want To Follow Here  It’s like your own private magazine!

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I’m Ready For My Close Up Mr. DeMille

5 Steps To A Personalized Gallery Wall

Yes, to finish off the week, we are still talking about displaying art, pictures, photos, and gallery walls.  However, today we would like to officially kick off the Christmas month with a small challenge.  And don’t worry, even if you don’t know the answer, you can have the festive recipe for a Christmas Sangria by kjandcompany anyway!

“What do a holiday recipe and a gallery wall have in common?


KJ&Company  Christmas Sangria

kjandcompany Christmas Sangria Recipe Here

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Cookbooks…Why Do We Have So Many?

Because We Love Cookbooks!

Julia Child Quote -If you are afraid of butter use cream

As we enter this holiday season, our cookbooks play a big role.  Let’s look at all the different ways to store these beloved collections and ponder a Cookbook Exchange this season.  After all, a cookbook is the one thing surrounded by food that does not have to watch it’s calories!

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We Eat First With Our Eyes

Making Everyday Meals Special

bowl of clam-chowder- courtesy of gatheranddine

Gather & Dine Weeknight Clam Chowder Recipe Here

Cookbooks, and online recipes, do one thing very well.  They provide us with photos of food that allow us to eat the food first with our eyes.  Food blogs have taken the photography of food to a new level.  The love affair with good food grows stronger everyday.

This bowl of clam chowder looks like we could dip that spoon right in and pull out the chunks of potatoes, celery and onion.  We can almost smell the pepper on the creamy surface.  Close your eyes and see if you can envision what the kitchen looks like that got this meal ready for the family table.

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Take The Fall With Us


photo via lovefusca, black volkswagen beetle with pale colored surf boards, parked in front of ocean,
photo via lovefusca

Anyone who knows even the slightest thing about me, knows Fall is my season!  In jeans and sweaters, taking salty walks on the beach and visiting cities where the smell of changing leaves is in the air.  In our home, the nesting and prep for hibernation begins with a few things on our To Do List.

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Two Things That Go Hand-N-Hand With Travel

Money Jar



Foods of Israel
via Broma Bakery

Many of us, Americans in particular, have an ongoing love affair with traveling to other countries where we can see centuries old architecture while dining on all the glorious foods of cultures different from our own.

 Israel is one of the countries that certainly fits this criteria.

Israel The Dome of the Rock
The Dome of the Rock

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Home, Home On The Range

Zucchini Shrimp Scamp via laurel bledsoe at


Professional Series Gas range
via Pinterest


A BTU (British thermal unit) is a measure of heat output and applies to the power generated by gas stovetops and ranges.  The capacity of gas burners is measured in BTU per hour.  Residential ranges, patterned after commercial units, have BTUs of 12,000 to 25,000.  If you have one, or are planning a kitchen design, you no doubt know what these are.  But do you really know why you need these?  It’s gotta be for a better reason than bragging rights.

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