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Going Back To The Basics-11.8.19

Why Do We Like This Photo?


This photo inspires us.  On Monday we shared how we’ve been in a funk and thought we needed to find new inspirations for blog content.   In reality, all we need to do is go back to the basics of why we started LBD.

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Interior Design Reflects Who We Are

We Are What We Eat….So Are Our Homes!

Recently our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, completed a client’s refresh of her decor.  After the last piece was in place, of this wonderful oppportunity, she  said, “ really nailed it!  This is me exactly. How do you do it?”  It’s simple.  The right design for an interior always reflects who we are.

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Fall, Food, Fashion and Friday Favorites

Creating A Baking Station

Is Baking An Art Or A Science?

masterbrandcabinets-slide out-bakers-drawer

Probably depends on who we ask!  What we do know is that bakers have specific storage and work space needs.  Today on another Friday Favorites, lets look at some wonderful baker’s stations.

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This Little Piggy Went To Market

Amelia Anderson
via Amelia Anderson

The earliest Farmer’s Markets date back 5000 years to Egypt where farmers would gather along the Nile and sell their produce.  In 1752 the Easton Market opened in the United States and is the longest running market recorded.  As long as people have been eating, markets have been a part of our dinners.  Shopping at an open air market can conjure up different images for everyone.  For me….I become French!

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Mother Teresa, Turquoise And How Our Design Team Works




At times it is easy to take a person we work with closely for granted.  This is especially true when a team works so well together.  Today we share how Mother Teresa, and the color turquoise, remind us how well we two designers feed off each other.

Happy Motivational Monday!

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