Statement Light Fixtures…

Are The Family Jewels

Black Dress Edited.png


Chandelier 2.jpg

Tech Lighting

 Jewelry and lighting have noticeable similarities.  Adding the right lighting to a room can have the same effect as adding a fabulous necklace to your Little Black Dress. (LBD!) Think of lighting as the rooms jewelry.  The combinations are endless!

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Our Favorite Friday

Is Black Friday But Not Because Of The Sales

My Scandinavian Home White Dining Table in Light Filled Kitchen
photo courtesy My Scandinavian Home


As always, Thanksgiving 2017 was filled with good food, fond memories and lot’s of laughter with friends and families.  Across America retailers are in high gear to save us money as we enter the holiday season.  Because of the “food and too much fun” coma I’m still in, Black Friday sales hype can make me feel overwhelmed.  So years ago, we decided to pass on the sales and make today our Favorite Friday for another reason. It’s a day to clear our minds just as we cleared off the table from the big feast yesterday.

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Let’s Have A Old – Fashioned Throw Down!

6 Throws To Curl Up With

instyle decor neutral wing chair with furry , soft throw

We’ve got one more weekend before we are officially in the “real” holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Like it always does, it’s going to get hairy! What better way to take advantage of this precious time than to curl up in socks and messy hair under your favorite throw.

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Guest Bedroom Accessories – The Working Beauties

Bedroom Accessories A Guest Will Love


What will your guests find in their bedroom this holiday season?  What small things do you like to provide for your overnight guests?  You know what we are talking about, the things that show how much you’ve looked forward to their visit and how special they are to you.
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5 Types Of Lighting For Savvy First Time Home Owners


littleblackdomicile - Kristen's House During First Phase of Painting

  If you remember from our previous post, Oh My Goodness…We Own A House! , our plan for the house is to work with the integrity of the architecture and mix in our style.  One way to blend the old and the new in a house is with lighting.  The painting is underway and we want to have new fixtures ready to install in all the fresh new rooms!   It’s Friday Favorites and let’s look at some of the types of lighting we have our eyes on.

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Five Ways To Enjoy Your Home This Fall



Red Earth or Mars

Three weeks into the fall and we’ve yet to hear of anyone who does not love this season!  On the contrary, most people are just giddy about the changes that come after the heat of the summer and before the chill of winter.  Our homes play such a big part in the feeling of fall.  For Friday Favorites let’s share ways we all will enjoy our homes this season.

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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere



decoist chrome "x" bar cart with glass decanters of warm bourbons
Chrome, glass, mirrors and lighting create a statement!

Time Zones can play havoc with even the most seasoned of travelers!  Even a simple one hour difference can keep us checking the time.  One thing that does seem to be governed by our internal clock is our beloved happy hours.  Regardless if adult beverages are involved or not, the ritual of winding down the day and preparing nightly rituals is something to look forward to.  Especially on a Friday!

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