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5 Spring Break Kitchens We Can Picture Ourselves In!

The Not So Ordinary Kitchen


Here we are, in the middle of March already.  Traditionally, families head for sunny beach areas for this break from the school year routine.  Just for fun, let’s pretend we are spending our spring breaks enjoying these wonderful, not so ordinary, kitchens!

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Wardrobes, The Unconventional Closet

Designing Dream Dressing Areas

The Container Store Black and White Wall Unit Closet

Today on another Friday Favorites  we share the many ways to think beyond the constructed closets in our homes.  Let’s create and enjoy unconventional wardrobes!

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Is Our Decor In A Tile Rut?

The Best Way To Quickly Organize Paper Clutter




Even though we all count on our digital organizers more than ever before, we still seem to have an abundance of paper to deal with on a daily basis.  Here’s the best way we’ve found to organize paper clutter.

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We Love Our Pets….But Oooooh Not The Hair In Our Homes!



Boy did this photo we shared on our Instagram during the holidays get noticed!  We also got not one, but two emails asking what we thought about pets and their hair when planning a home design.  Join us today for our first Friday Favorites of the new year and see what we really think about pet hair!

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The Eternal Christmas Wreath

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