Unconventional Closets


Designing Dream Dressing Areas

The Container Store Black and White Wall Unit Closet

The Minimal Approach To Clothing Storage

Minimalists are able to effectively use a wardrobe, or clothing rack, as the main storage system for clothing.  One way these savvy fashionistas do this is by sorting their clothing by season.  While this concept may be hard to grasp for some, we agree there is something appealing when looking at these complete wardrobes ready to meet each day.

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Need Ideas For Adding Color To Your Decor?

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

sincerely jules- colorful tassels on sandals

Colorful Decor Ideas Are Only A Closet Away

It’s been a while since we had fun comparing our wardrobes and our decor!   With summer coming, we all will get that little itch to add some color all around us.  Today, on this beautiful Friday, we’d like to share a project inspired by a few wardrobe Favorites!

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Spring In Kentucky Means….

Alfresco Dining At Derby Time!


Forget those other national holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving….in Kentucky the most important holiday takes place on the first Saturday in May.  Nothing says Spring like the Kentucky Derby!

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Are All White Kitchens Looking Alike?

5 Ways We Still Love A White Kitchen!


We agree a white kitchen can be beautiful!  However, as of late, we’ve got more clients asking us what we think of the trend of shaker cabinets, marble tops, farm sinks, and white subway tile.  Today, on another of our Friday Favorites, let’s look at a few new ways we can say, “Oh, How We Love A White Kitchen!”

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Bookworms Love Bookcases!

The Digital World Has Nothing On A Good Bookcase!


Regardless of how many books we have downloaded in our electronic devices, true bookworms still loves good bookcases!

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