Does this “Art” Make My Wall Look “Big”?

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.45.46 PM.png

That’s a loaded question.  In any other context  we often do not like the answer.  However, yes my dear, your wall does look “big” and it looks great!

Do you have a large wall in your home?  Whether you live in a condo, an apartment or a house, our guess is that you could find some empty wall space to play with.  Could this be the meaning of less is more?

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What if there were no StSt Appliances


A Pretty Nice Kitchen

slimrandles .jpg

kitchen by  slimrandles

Before anyone gets upset and starts hyperventilating, this is not going to happen.  If it did, the HGTV shows of house hunting would have to look for all new clients.  I can count on one hand the shows where buyers were NOT looking for “stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops”.  Manufacturers have enjoyed a really long run of this most desired metal.  In the U.S. 123,000 appliances are sold daily.  I can’t find the number of how many of these are stainless but I know its high. There are many, many kitchens that are just outstanding using stainless…but what if we stretched outside of the box a little and said no to these finger printing  gleaming machines?

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Grease is the Word…

is the word…is the word.



If you don’t know what movie this song title is from then I know you are in the under 50 group right off the bat. Yes…we meant to spell it wrong in the title. Not that this matters for todays arm chair traveling to Santorini, Greece.  All ages will want to take this trip!


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Armchair Travel

Inspired Traveller .jpeg

There are many homes in many places that I want to live in.   I accept that  there are too many for me to get to them all “in person”.  However, virtually I have enjoyed a lot of them.  Thanks to such detailed websites I will probably never run out of choices.  When I armchair travel I stay at places that are unique.  My definition of unique simply means properties that are different from our home.  The reasons these homes are appealing may be the location, the scenery, the architecture or the decor.   Sometimes a combination of all these things. They may be sleek and shiny or a bit decadent.  They can be thousands of square feet to fill up with friends and family or compactly intimate. Let’s take a look at the latest guilty pleasure.

La Maison du Figuier – for Rent in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines


A Jeans and Sweatshirt Kind of Beach1f68f5ab-4840-41d4-80cb-90c4188a744c.jpg

Whitewashed Walls, Concrete Floors, Stone Walls Peeking thru just to remind us that they were here first. No Tv.  Wireless a must.153aa051-7d83-4f32-bb00-737be1120217.jpg

Evening Fires we can still Smell in the Morning.70f24100-86e8-4c90-adbe-6fac5c5f404e.jpg

A Kitchen so Simple no Instructions Needed.9b74c212-10cb-4b84-821c-4d2ee6f5e3a1.jpg

Look at the Color of these Fresh Figs!


Sunlight with Time to Enjoy  Soaking it In.6d526a1f-c739-4be3-9b17-4f83c8dc9468.jpg

Outdoor Areas not Overdone.


Beds so Comfy and Forgiving Linensb5983ed0-3eda-498f-a291-503f3fbdd571.jpg

 Little Wind Burnt Faces Sleeping against the Color of these Bunks…


So the next day can be an exact repeat of the one before.


Savor Sunday!

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How Many is Too Many

taberanddrew .jpg


No, this is not a landfill.  If you are honest with yourself, you may have a similar stash of plastic grocery bags lurking in your home.  This is what happens when we save to reuse… but don’t.   We subscribe to various trade publications that often have long articles about recycling and how to house the items being recycled.  At times it is overwhelming and leaves me with a big sense of guilt that I should be doing more.

So true to my approach of how I justify everything…I threw out all my hoard of these reminders that I was not reusing them at the rate I was acquiring them.  Yep…I tossed them in the regular trash collection on a Wednesday.  (gasps)  Thursday I started a system that has worked for me for several years.  I do have a few reusable type bags I use, when I remember to put them in the car, on a big shopping day.  However, I like shopping in smaller batches, stopping at a store as part of another errand on my way home.  So I do bring in 5-7 of these bags every week or so.  There is no set number. AND I reuse them to the point of sometimes running out before the new ones come in!  Let’s take a look at what works for me.

Cool Idea


First, is this not a great way to store these babies?  Plus you get points for saving the life of one Kleenex box.   A box this size can be kept almost anywhere.

blanda-blank-serving-bowl__40771_pe134582_s4eat this not that .jpeg

Next, the way I use our bags most is for kitchen trash that I don’t put down the disposal.  We cook most nights, and have marathons on Sunday, so we have a lot of bits and bobs of “stuff” and wet food packaging.  Using a $2.99 Ikea stainless bowl, I place a bag as a liner and toss anything in it that is too messy, or too smelly for the daily trash.  It’s so easy for me to toss as I go and clean up once. These bags get placed in the freezer until trash day.  Since we live in Florida, we have trash pick up 2x a week. We now have trained ourselves to automatically get “the freezer” trash on garbage day.  We also place our cans/glass in these bags and then put the bag into the recycle bin. Saves trips to the bin and keeps the bin cleaner.   I feel pretty good when I reuse and also recycle any bags I bring into the house each week.


Lastly, if you have one of these guys hanging around your abode…you know another endless use of a plastic bag!

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The White Elephant in the Room




Spark joy
Spread Joy
Live in a Refrigerator?

There…we’ve said it!

Perhaps these are extreme examples but probably not too far off from what comes to mind as the word minimalism is being overused in the design world today.  Lately, it seems the theory is an all or nothing approach. To be fair to the authors of all the “less is more” approaches available…we agree with many of the points you make and do implement these into our designs.  Clients hire us to help them achieve a more simple, yet impactful decor that reflects what is important to them.  We love seeing the changes in their life when some of the  “keeper of the stuff” burden is lifted.  However, too many times, the dictate to get rid of everything that does not follow a certain rule is in itself causing strife.

So instead of minimalism we’d like to introduce the word enough. We like it so much more. It is not defined by a number.  It is flexible, open to  interpretation and can change with each situation.  It’s a one size fits all kind of word.  “Enough” will work with all the tidy little rules of living with less, downsizing, de cluttering, capsule wardrobes and reigning in our carbon footprint.   Following this theory of management might just spark a little joy as you get to add something back in….self compassion.




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Justified Hoarding


We do a large amount of our shopping online now.  It saves me time and out of crowded parking lots. It keeps my husband from owning a Costco card where massive size items and things that were “only a few bucks” used to jump in his cart.  Today, as I was unpacking the latest delivery, the thought briefly flashed in my mind that maybe it is me who has the problem with buying in bulk?   I don’t like it when I self discover a possible personal flaw.  I have to address it right away to clear it out of my memory bank.  Storage is also a topic we are asked to address on most of our clients projects so this self reflection is worthy of my time.

Googling the definition of “hoarding” started the justification process for me.  “Amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away.” Since my husband is the one in charge of the big picture of amassing  large amounts of money (for my golden years) in our relationship, surely this means I am the one to store away the valued objects.

Caffeine is the most valued object to us in the morning.  So far we are still allowed to consume this without our doctors scowl. It would not be pretty if we ran out.  We store our stash on one of the hard to reach top cabinet shelves.  The small bottled green tea (6 bottles at a time allow us a big discount) is on a turn table that keeps it corralled and from tipping all over the unreachable back of this cabinet.  2  Boxes of teabags and 6 Bags of coffee beans  keep us sociable with each other for about 2 months of mornings. Hoarding items in the area we use them is completely justified to me.


 Here’s what would not work for us (me).


A mini grocery store in an unfinished storage area.  I’d have to walk there and it would be another area for me to keep organized.  Too much committment. Husband would love this.  If he can convince a  few more friends to eat 12lbs of cashews in one sitting I may have to relent.

What About Collections


I am not sure if this is considered hoarding.  The definition is totally up to interpretation don’t you think?


Not sure about beauty products either. Since my husband thinks all products should work after one application we don’t have to deal with a lot of bottles hanging around.

This poor child has nothing to play with and a mother somewhere with no hair.


Next I need to look up the definition of scanning and shredding.  Looks like this guy needs a tip from me about properly hoarding.


This has been a light hearted way to address the topic of what items are most important to you and what justifies devoting your time, energy and storage. Certain things are important to everyone. How we manage these things is unique to us all.  Perhaps you have a storage need that is perplexing to you, or you simply want to start fresh in an area.  Designers and professional organizers are good resources and motivators. Working with you we can prepare storage plans with systems that help implement ongoing, time saving successful storage.  Storage that is suited specifically for your needs.

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