Staying Home For Labor Day 2020?

Remember This Past Post?

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Boy, we had no idea how many of us would be home this September when we wrote this post a few years ago!  Looks like our homes will be even more important to us this Labor Day holiday.

So let’s go thru those closets one more time, get the spices ready to smell up our kitchens, and clean up our plants for the wonderful weather we have coming up.


Happy Labor Day!


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The Many Talents Of American Craftsmen


Good Interior Design Is Universal



 The personal interior design of our homes is influenced by what we know, what we feel, and whom we choose to share our most important, memory-making moments with.  The profession of interior design has always been one with global connections. Today we want to pause and celebrate the American Craftsmen.

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Historic Home For 15 Generations

It’s The People Who Live In A House That Make It A Home

Bledsoe House Creelsboro KY 1792-house-historic homes

In today’s world of real estate hopping, not many fathers can say they lived in the same home as their father.  How many can say 15 generations of fathers called the same house their home?

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The Many Colors Of The Holidays

Happy Holidays!




From our hearts, and homes, to yours…wishing you the very best holiday season with family and friends!   Sit back, relax and keep enjoying our holiday colors in the links below.

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Red Is Still The Favorite Christmas Color

A Blue, Blue Christmas

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