Buying Our Own Mother’s Day Gifts


How To Get The Mother’s Day Gift You Want

littleblackdomicile- organization-clear storage containers-silverware

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  And whether or not you are a mother, we’ve all got one thing in common, we came from one.  It’s a special day all around the world and with the celebrations comes the notion of gift giving. What kind of gifts does your mother like?  In our family this was a loaded question.  Maybe it is in your family as well?

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Do You Have A Wabi-Sabi Kitchen?

The Perfectly Imperfect Kitchen

Ikea Small Kitchen with Lots of Open Shelving

Kitchen projects are some of the most popular for everyone.  We all want our kitchens to be the best they can be.  It does not matter if you are a weekend DIYer, or have a full contracting crew to help you create the kitchen of your dreams….you will most likely have to deal with an element that is not quite “perfect”.
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The Sunday Spy 5.6.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye


Living Room BHDM Design with black=gold-modern furniture-large art-cool lamp

This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Modern Design can feel warm and inviting like this one shared via BHDM Design.  At first glance we are immediately drawn into this attractive space.  With a closer look, we see so many fine features in this carefully planned decor.

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Gaining Storage In The Small Kitchen

Think Your Kitchen Is Too Small For Great Storage?

kitchen-utensil-corkscrews, whisks, small kitchen storage ideas

Over the years, our firm has worked on too many kitchen projects to count.  We’ve had the pleasure to help our clients create their dream kitchens in new construction, large remodeling projects, moderate kitchen updates and the kitchens near and dear to our hearts….the small kitchen.

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It’s Friday…Let’s Organize!

Purge, Edit, Lighten Up, Whatever You Call It…Ready to Organize?

quote about organize-alejandra

Perhaps you read this week that the IRS extended the tax due date by a day because the online payment system was not working.  This is a nice way to say someone, some entity probably hacked in, or tried to hack into the system.  Hacking, which we use to think it meant a bad cough, is an everyday occurrence now.  In fact, this silly little blog was shut down more this week than any other due to “online difficulties”.  Thank goodness we have a wonderful host and IT team that got it all corrected.  However, it meant that Wednesday’s post, Decompressing With Architecturewas not able to be opened by some of our loyal readers.  It also meant that we were unable to get today’s Friday Favorites post ready.  So today, we invite you to stroll back with us and a few of your favorite past posts about ways to organize.

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The “One In One Out” Rule To Staying Organized



You didn’t save the ferns from last summer…did you?  Probably not.  If you did how many times did you sweep up those miserable tiny leaves?  To me, there are two perfect days in a Boston Fern’s life.  The day we proudly admire the porch ready for summer and the day we get to toss them in the trash!  It’s a love/hate relationship but one with a lesson.   It’s the One In One Out theory in reverse.

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Oooooh Baby We Love Your Nursery!

Sometimes The Tiny Ones Have The Best Rooms

pixaby smiling baby in white blanket

Look at this charmer!  No doubt he is so happy because his Momma prepared the perfect little LBD for his nest.   Join us this Friday and see some of our Favorite nursery designs.

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(5) Savvy Reasons To Rent Rather Than Buy A Home


breakfast table with blue and white dishes via coco lapine
Coco Lapine

A day does not go by where the term “downsizing” is not heard in our industry.    Even if someone is not looking to move from a larger abode, to a smaller one, in the near future, many are tossing around the idea.  What is refreshing to us is that it’s not just us “older baby boomers” pondering living larger in smaller homes.  We’ve got some pretty savvy younger groups who say why wait?

What if we never “upsized” our homes and therefore didn’t need to “downsize”?  We know just a group who has this figured out.  We are always excited to be asked to help them develop a plan to make their homes the perfect LBD for them!

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Do Blondes Have More Fun…In The Bathroom?

Thinking Outside The Big White “Bathroom” Box

decor pad white bathroom-white tile-white cabinets-white countertop-white walls

dexepakchopra get rid of the box quote

Has anyone noticed that in the last year or so, the idea of a minimalistic decor has evolved?  Not as many of us want an “all white” decor….even in the bathroom.

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Are We Ready To Be A Minimalist?


We’ve all had several years of being heavily introduced to the concept of Minimalism.  It’s hard to surf the internet, read a magazine, or even watch some of the HGTV shows without hearing the word tossed around.  As always when an idea is promoted, there are people who write “how to” books on the subject.  Nearly everyone thinks they “need this” in their lives now.  What exactly does it mean to have a minimalistic decor?  “Are we ready to embrace it?”