(5) Reasons It Can Be Better To Rent Than Buy A Home


A day does not go by where the term “downsizing” is not heard in our industry.    Even if someone is not looking to move from a larger abode to a smaller one in the near future, many are tossing around the idea.  What is refreshing to us is that it’s not just us “older baby boomers” pondering living larger in smaller homes but also some pretty savvy younger groups.

Here’s a novel idea…what if we never “upsized” and therefore didn’t need to “downsize”?  We know just a group who has this figured out.  We are always excited to be asked to help them develop a plan to make their homes the perfect LBD for them!

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Living Large in Under 1000′



Converted warehouses and commercial buildings are another type of building where a minimal decor works very well.  These structures are loaded with architectural details and have an abundance of light from oversize windows. The developers of these conversions do all they can to preserve as many of the original finishes as possible.  What is appealing to so many, however, can be daunting when thinking about creating a comfortable lifestyle….even for the most seasoned minimalist.  Designers, like me, love the possibilities!

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Living Large in Under 2000′


154 Bella Vista Terrace-large-058-63-154BellaVista 8681-1500x994-72dpi.jpg









Continuing with another example of how minimalism in decor looks and functions, is a 1751′ condo that started out as a basic builder grade, new build.  Not unlike other areas in the country, communities are emerging everywhere that offer limited floorpans and selections.  If you view the concept of having “less” as minimalism,  these homes qualify because they  really have “nothing” in terms of architectural features.  Wasn’t that one of our must haves for making minimalism work?  Yes it was.


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Are We Ready To Be Minimalists?



We’ve all had several years of being heavily introduced to the concept of minimalism.  It’s hard to surf the internet, read a magazine, or even watch some of the HGTV shows without hearing the word tossed around.  As always, when a new idea comes up, there are people who have written “how to” books on the subject. Nearly everyone thinks they “need this” in their lives now.  But what exactly is it…and can we really do it?

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The White Elephant in the Room






Spark joy, Spread Joy, Live in a Refrigerator?

There…we’ve said it!

Perhaps these are extreme examples but probably not too far off from what comes to mind as the word minimalism is being overused in the design world today.  Lately, it seems the theory is an all or nothing approach.  To be fair to the authors of all the “less is more” approaches available…we agree with many of the points you make and do implement these into our designs.  Clients hire us to help them achieve a more simple, yet impactful decor that reflects what is important to them.  We love seeing the changes in their life when some of the  “keeper of the stuff” burden is lifted.  However, too many times, the dictate to get rid of everything that does not follow a certain rule is in itself causing strife


A possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of.

So instead of minimalism we’d like to introduce the word enough.  We like it so much more.  It is not defined by a number.  It is flexible, open to interpretation and can change with each situation.  It’s a one size fits all kind of word.  “Enough” will work with all the tidy little rules of living with less, downsizing, de-cluttering, capsule wardrobes and reigning in our carbon footprint.   Following this theory of management might just spark a little joy as you get to add something back in….self compassion.

18891061 (2)

This week we will look at how both of us interpret minimalism in our own homes.  You might just be surprised. Until then….

Have a Motivational Monday!


Ready for a little help with motivation to decide what is enough for you? 

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It Takes a Village

Tiny House – Terrible or Terrific?



“In 1931, Airstream began with Wally Byam’s dream: to build a travel trailer that would move like a stream of air, be light enough to be towed by a car, and create first-class accommodations anywhere.

Every inch of an Airstream has a function. Airstream is the most thoroughly tested brand in trailer history.  Its engineering is the culmination of over 80 years of experience plus millions of miles on roads throughout the world.

With Airstream, there is no planned obsolescence. Airstreams of the Thirties are still on the road today, sturdy and modern as ever. They are intended as a lifetime investment in happiness.”-Airsteam Website


To many of you in the under 50 group, you probably don’t even know what an Airstream is.  To those of us over 50, we remember this was the dream of most of our Dad’s.  If he could have pulled his Airstream with a beautiful Buick all the better.  Reality was more like a Starcraft pulled by a pick up but that would not make a good post so we will stay with the silver bullet above.

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Living in a Big Old Box


images 10.12.21 AM.jpeg

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18891061 copy

Living in a converted warehouse loft apartment is a dream for a lot of us.  For many it becomes a reality.  There is an excitement about living in a historic space that has been “saved” and repurposed.  Exposed brick, still with markings of where old machinery might have been placed; concrete floors with cracks, chips and holes from years of feet working on them; huge windows and shiny new exposed HVAC; all these elements are so appealing they suck us right into a lease or a purchase at “Hello”.

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Tiny Treasures



Do you sometimes wonder, or dare to dream, what it might be like to live in a smaller home?  We are not talking about one of the tiny homes that HGTV all of sudden is convincing people they need to pull around from one friends yard to another. Not a teeny, tiny home that requires you to crunch down to the size of a flattened mouse to get to the loft bed.  Or one that means a trip to the laundromat each week.

No, we are talking about homes so efficient and design oriented that we forget they are only 700-900 sq feet. Homes enticing enough that we are itching to give them a chance to make a difference in our lives.

Homes with….

  • Architectural Interest
  • Creative Decor
  • Efficient Uses of Space
  • Specific Storage
  • Fewer Finer Furnishings
  • Space for  Art and Collections
  • Wardrobes that Work
  • Easy Maintenance
  • In Diverse Engaging Neighborhoods





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How Many is Too Many

taberanddrew .jpg


No, this is not a landfill.  If you are honest with yourself, you may have a similar stash of plastic grocery bags lurking in your home.  This is what happens when we save to reuse… but don’t.   We subscribe to various trade publications that often have long articles about recycling and how to house the items being recycled.  At times it is overwhelming and leaves me with a big sense of guilt that I should be doing more.

So true to my approach of how I justify everything…I threw out all my hoard of these reminders that I was not reusing them at the rate I was acquiring them.  Yep…I tossed them in the regular trash collection on a Wednesday.  (gasps)  Thursday I started a system that has worked for me for several years.  I do have a few reusable type bags I use, when I remember to put them in the car, on a big shopping day.  However, I like shopping in smaller batches, stopping at a store as part of another errand on my way home.  So I do bring in 5-7 of these bags every week or so.  There is no set number. AND I reuse them to the point of sometimes running out before the new ones come in!  Let’s take a look at what works for me.

Cool Idea


First, is this not a great way to store these babies?  Plus you get points for saving the life of one Kleenex box.   A box this size can be kept almost anywhere.

blanda-blank-serving-bowl__40771_pe134582_s4eat this not that .jpeg

Next, the way I use our bags most is for kitchen trash that I don’t put down the disposal.  We cook most nights, and have marathons on Sunday, so we have a lot of bits and bobs of “stuff” and wet food packaging.  Using a $2.99 Ikea stainless bowl, I place a bag as a liner and toss anything in it that is too messy, or too smelly for the daily trash.  It’s so easy for me to toss as I go and clean up once. These bags get placed in the freezer until trash day.  Since we live in Florida, we have trash pick up 2x a week. We now have trained ourselves to automatically get “the freezer” trash on garbage day.  We also place our cans/glass in these bags and then put the bag into the recycle bin. Saves trips to the bin and keeps the bin cleaner.   I feel pretty good when I reuse and also recycle any bags I bring into the house each week.


Lastly, if you have one of these guys hanging around your abode…you know another endless use of a plastic bag!

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