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Sunlight- Interior Design’s Greatest Gift

Good Interior Design Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Dirt Can Be The Greatest Motivator When Choosing A Tile Floor – Take Two

Our most viewed post of 2018 is apparently all about being dirty!  Seriously, it’s about choosing products in our renovations that suite our lifestyles.  Let’s take another look on this Motivational Monday!

 Floors That Show Less Dirt

vtwonen concrete tile patio floor -littleblackdomicile

Clients who know us well know that we always ask about pets during the initial consultation.  Even during a virtual design, we like to know all about the pets.  Type, size, and color.  Why do we want to know the color of a pet?   And what in the world has this got to do with floor tile?

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Would You Have Art In Your Laundry Area?


Laundry areas come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and all serve the same purpose.  For most, doing the laundry is a necessary task.  For others, laundry time is so much more fun with laundry art!

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The Free Architecture Diet & Exercise Plan

quote-about-architecture-bajarke in


It’s early January of a brand new year!  Many of us are feeling sluggish and ready to start fresh.  However, the idea of any kind of scheduled, planned, costly commitment is the last thing we need.  What if we take advantage of the architecture in our own cities to get a little free diet and exercise plan underway?  Read more…

3 Simple Ways To Create Instant, Stress Free Holiday Tables


Our Christmas Tables are among some of the most beautiful settings we plan all year.  Today let’s look at 3 simple ways to create holiday tables instantly and without stress.

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