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Laundry Rooms For “Real” People

I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair!





It’s Monday and we all need a little Motivation to get the laundry we put off this weekend, done quickly for the week.  If we don’t, next weekend is going to be a sentence to the laundry room!  That might not be so bad if we had a laundry room like the one above featured on an HGTV episode.  But wait…we’ve got a laundry room for “real” people!

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The Sinful Pleasure Of An Afternoon Bath

Letting Our Home Take Care Of Us


There is nothing as easy, or as beneficial, as a good soak to strip away life’s tension. Sneaking away in the middle of a day for a bath is almost sinful!

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How Much Does It Cost To Have An Interior Designer In Your “Toolbox”?

Do You Think Using An Interior Designer Will Be Too Expensive?

oscar de la renta-luxury-living

More than anything else, interior design is a very personal service.  We pay for all kinds of other services for our homes, often our largest asset, so why not learn more about what it costs to work with an interior designer?

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Dealing With The Dreaded Computer Bug!

Eat Your Way To Organization

Organization Never Tasted So Good!


As most of you know by now, Mr. LBD and I are currently renting a great apartment in a totally walkable city.  However, the shortest, first walk into the bathroom everyday was driving me nuts!  So I combined two of my favorite things…food and organization.  Here’s how to eat your way to organization!

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Show Your Dresser Some Love

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