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The Perks of No Longer Needing A Big Corner Office



Years ago, to be considered successful in our work space, we’d climb the proverbial office ladder and think we had made it when we got the big fancy office with a view.   Thank goodness times have changed and we can all benefit from the perks of no longer needing that corner office.

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Where Does A Young Interior Designer Get Inspiration?

Motivational Monday!

Recently, my design radar was in full mode during a get away with the hubby, Mr. LBD Junior, to celebrate a close friend’s wedding.  Traveling always offers interior designers such amazing inspiration and the time to take it all in!

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White Walls Do Not Have To Be Boring!

Consider These 3 Easy Designer Tips!


“Help!  We painted our living room the same “white” as our friend’s home and theirs looks chic yet inviting….ours looks cold and bare!”-JA The conversation went on to include the opinion that the new white wall color was boring.  Join us today as we share three design tips to create white interiors that are anything but boring!

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Letting Go Of Interior Design Mistakes


We admit these design mistakes are a bit severe and most of us don't usually stray this far off the path of what works for our homes.

We admit these design mistakes are a bit severe.  Most of us don’t usually stray this far off the path of what works in our homes.  When interior design mistakes do happen…we have to let them go!

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Sunlight- Interior Design’s Greatest Gift

Good Interior Design Does Not Have To Be Expensive

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