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We Are Dangerously Close To Guest Bedroom Time!

Do We Need New Towels?

Here we go, in about two weeks we start the holiday guest season.  Yep, already!   Join us on Pinterest to drool over more than 100 bedrooms we’d love to be a guest in.  Then hop over to the post this Monday and get Motivated to have a guest room that can be ready in about 10 minutes for all those we invite into our lovely homes!








Be Your Own Guest 

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 7.45.33 PM

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Expectations of Blog Content and Online Shopping

Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect To Be Wonderful



Last week LBD suffered another blog site problem on Sunday that took some extensive work with our IT guys to correct.  I am using this as one big excuse as to why posts have been sparse lately.  But to be honest, I’ve felt the funk of not being inspired to write new blog content for weeks.  Perhaps we need to gear expectations of blog content in the same way we do for online shopping.

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Desert Flowers Inspire A Fashion Blogger’s Interior

Mother Nature In The Desert



While much of the country is getting ready to go into a more neutral landscape color palette, the desert is enjoying mild temperatures and gearing up for a short rainy season that will soon bring incredible wild flowers.  Join us today as we share how the vivid colors of desert flowers are so much a part of this home’s interior and exterior! Read more…

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Interior Design Reflects Who We Are

We Are What We Eat….So Are Our Homes!

Recently our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, completed a client’s refresh of her decor.  After the last piece was in place, of this wonderful oppportunity, she  said, “ really nailed it!  This is me exactly. How do you do it?”  It’s simple.  The right design for an interior always reflects who we are.

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Laundry Rooms For “Real” People

I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair!





It’s Monday and we all need a little Motivation to get the laundry we put off this weekend, done quickly for the week.  If we don’t, next weekend is going to be a sentence to the laundry room!  That might not be so bad if we had a laundry room like the one above featured on an HGTV episode.  But wait…we’ve got a laundry room for “real” people!

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