Your Tailor is Waiting


Wait a minute…are we talking about our homes or our wardrobes?  Anna is no doubt talking about what we wear.  We think there is a huge connection in what appeals to each of us.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Why not the fashion icons of the world or the flawlessly messy French girl we all swoon over?

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Take Another Look


The number one comment we hear during and after a project from so many of our clients is, “I would have never thought of that!”  We are so very thankful that you depend on us to “think like that”  but we can’t take all the credit.

 The best designers, the ones that can walk in a room or look at a photo, and immediately know what to do…are the ones with a built-in sixth sense.  It’s in our genes.  Perhaps an extra chromosome or some strange combo of DNA.  When you’ve got this, it is both a blessing and a curse.  We are obsessed with details and know these details make the difference in every project.

Capturing them all on our own is not always good.  It’s like watching someone else’s vacation photos….if you were not there they are not as mind-boggling!  We know we need help to channel this energy or we’d never be able to sleep at night.

Enter the Professional Photographer

They see things in a different light.


Photo by Damsel in Dior

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Looking Thru Their Eyes


Our team looks forward to Mondays even more than some look forward to a Friday. We use Mondays to motivate one another.   Mondays are a fresh start.  We’ve had a glorious weekend with friends and families.  Whether we’ve celebrated life changing events or snuggled up for a marathon movie binge, we’ve taken time to recharge our batteries and have some real laughs.  We’re counting our blessings that we are among those fortunate enough to get another Monday.

So this week, let’s take a look at some very discerning clients. They know how to create and appreciate good design.  They’d like to  pass on some good advice…..

Give yourself a little break today…they think your roost is pretty darn good!


The thread count is ok with them.



They will be careful on white furniture and teach others the ropes.



They think wrinkles are comfortable.



They understand how important kitchens are.


They are pros at selecting user friendly accent pillows.


They know how to act around fine china.


They know the meaning of a good soak.


They are very good at choosing complimentary colors.


They are accommodating making more room for guests.IMG_6057.JPG

They admit sleeping in the nude is the best way to enjoy those linens you splurged on.


They enjoy a good spoon.


Pondering a decor decision…they get involved.


They understand a good photo shoot is all about staging.


They know when the decorating is just right and how to call it quits.


They are part of the team and open to new ideas.


Finally, they also can’t wait for Mondays!


How will you enjoy your home this week?

We’d like to ask a favor.


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See you tomorrow!


Jumpstart your Week

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.-C.S. Lewis


My Domaine

If you talk to 10 people in a room…11 of them have too many articles in their closet. The nagging need to edit hangs over our heads because now the push is to undo what we have spent a lifetime doing.   We are a society of consumption and trained to not let go of something we worked towards and paid for.  It’s normal. It’s also ok to evolve and lighten up if we want to. But where to start? There are so many views, tips and guidelines on how to overcome our anxiety.   Frankly, some are so complex and time consuming I burn out simply reading about the process. Here’s what has worked for me.  I choose to create a habit so simple it is successful from day one….instead of following someone else’ system that would make me feel like I was running a race.

  • Each time you purchase a new item for your wardrobe purge one.
  • If you buy 4 items….4 items go into the donation bag.
  • Use the shopping bag of the new items as your donation bag.
  • Immediately place donation bag in front seat of your car.
  • Drop bag at donation center on your next trip out.
  • Award yourself with a consumable treat of your choice.


Empty Shopping Bag

(new purchases are just fab!)


Donation Bag of Castoffs

(already dropped at Goodwill and sure someone else is enjoying the personal shopping service I have provided)

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Consumable Treat

(is there a better reward than cheese to help you forget what was in the bag you just dropped off?)

Coming Soon

Designer Closets for “Real” People

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A Blemish!



In the design world, less than perfect is always more interesting than what we perceive to be “perfect”.  The Japanese have it nailed  with something they call Wabi-Sabi. The acceptance of imperfection.  


Zen Vita .jpeg

Zen Vita

For example a piece of pottery is not discarded when there are a few cracks.  The cracks are celebrated!   Instead of a bowl…art is created.

Happy Monday

Be Artistic!

You’re in Charge


Delegating is the ultimate form of being in charge.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Our Philosophy




The person you see in the mirror every morning is our boss. Our job description, simply stated,  is to live up to all of your expectations.


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Human Decor




“Make Every Day a Holiday….and Every Meal a Banquet.” -shb

Just as important as how we build and furnish our homes, are the people we share it with.  Friends and family are a big part of our decor. Today’s Motivational Monday quote is from my spouse who always chooses to have a great day. The day I chose him….I made a pretty good decor decision.   Have a wonderful week!

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Comfortable Luxury








Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.-Coco Chanel


For years we had been in search of perfect, yet elusive bed linens. We tried everything from custom coordinating patterns to matching sets of thread counts in the hundreds. Sheets, duvets, quilts and comforters. And pillow’s, oh my goodness, too many to count. Changing our philosophy to acquiring simple white pieces, we both agreed on for comfort, has created our most luxurious bed…even when unmade.

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Wasted Time


“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. “-unknown

Time management systems are available for everything. From managing the daily requirements of running a small business to always having our wardrobes ready to wear and homes in order. We plan social events and vacations to make sure we have “fun”. We’ve got calendars, budgets, planners all functioning at max speed to remind us what super achievers we are…or think we should be. I admit the systems I’ve “tweaked to fit” work well for me. They give me confidence that I will get every thing accomplished that needs doing. I’ve been programmed to think not having everything planned is a negative thing. Maybe it’s not.

Being in a creative profession, I need time to daydream. To allow my mind to wander and let ideas form. My best ideas often don’t come sitting at my desk. Plotting in 3-5 on Tuesdays/Thursdays to “daydream” does not work. Professionally, these pre planned sessions are a “waste of time” in the intended sense of the phrase. Personally, by nature I realize the need to stay engaged. What works for me is being aware that I need this kind of unscheduled time. I want time to think about new ideas.

With the efficiency of smart phones, I now stop and make a quick note with key thoughts whenever something triggers an idea I want to explore further. Nothing fancy or developed with too much detail. Nothing mandatory, not a to do list that has to fit into one of my time management systems. Ideas about different topics, things to do, places to go. Just a simple note page with random ideas I choose to keep or delete later. Now if I do schedule “daydream” on my calendar, or just have a few minutes/hours at a time, I look at my notes to remind me how much a super achiever I can be at wasting time.  Wasting time is working for me.



Boxing Day


“You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you try to put it all in a box.” -Allison Vesterfelt

One thing I know for sure is that holiday decor reproduces once it is out of the box! Sometimes the solution is to simply get a bigger box. Sometimes editing and purging before and after the holiday is the answer.  My goal throughout the years is to have two favorite days with my holiday decor. The warm, fuzzy day of opening the box and enjoying all the memories..and the pack away day that gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment!

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