Is That An Empty Wire Hanger Dangling In Your Closet?- Week #4


We don’t have to look very far to find someone telling us to clean out our closets.  There are tips on how to edit and purge clothing.  There are lovely photos of closets, larger than some homes, that look like a small boutique.  Then there is that thing about keeping what only sparks joy.  All fine and good, but in reality what every closet has in common is a hanger.

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Why A Skinny Make Up Area Outside The Bathroom Is Best – Week # 3

de-cluttering-organizing-make up-areas-little-black-domicile

Yes, last Motivational Monday, we talked about how to better use the drawers we already own in our bathrooms.  We mentioned one thing we learned from Martha Stewart years ago, that our make up and hair area does not have to be in the bathroom.  Wait….is that where your make up warehouse is?

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How To Corral The Junk In Our Vanity Drawers- Week # 2


Here we are in July already!  To many that means summer is about half over.  Mother Nature’s calendar, and the school calendar, is not always in sync.  At the request of a current client who wants to get her home working better before fall starts, we are sharing week #2’s tip about organizing our vanity drawers.

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Decluttering and Organizing Is Always The First Step Before A Renovation-Week # 1



“You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you try to put it all in a box.” -Allison Vesterfelt

Summer officially started last week.  For many of us this means longer, more casual days.  Summer is also traditionally the high season for remodeling projects.  Our design firm begins each project by evaluating how a space is used.  Decluttering and organizing an existing space will change the way a renovation is planned.

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Great Interior Designers Have The Best Photographers


The number one comment we hear during a project is, “Wow, I would have never thought of that!”  Interior designers are thrilled that you depend on us to “think like that” !  We are equally thankful we have the best photographers to see what we see.

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There Is Nothing Like Dining Alfresco!

paul rysz-european street lined with cafe tables-alfresco diners

Ah, dining alfresco!  Is there anything like it?  The aromas are richer, the clink of a coffee cup or wine glass sounds almost like music, and the patrons are all content.  Rushing through a meal is the last thing on our minds.  In fact, to me alfresco dining signals a time to linger, even waste a bit of time.

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