Dirt Can Be The Greatest Motivator When Choosing A Tile Floor

Tile Floors That Show Less Dirt

vtwonen concrete tile patio floor -littleblackdomicile

Clients who know us well know that we always ask about pets during the initial consultation.  Even during a virtual design, we like to know all about the pets.  Type, size, and color.  Why do we want to know the color of a pet?   And what in the world has this got to do with floor tile?

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Good Interior Design Is Timeless


February Fashion Reminds Us Good Interior Design Is Forever


Dorothy Draper Inspired Dining Room with Red Chinese Chairs

Fashion hits the runways in February each year.  Social media is flush with all the new styles that are to grace our closets and make their debut at upcoming events.  Personally it is overwhelming.  This a time I count on the classics to blend the new with the old stand by and create a fresh new look that I can manage.   The same can work with our home’s interior.   Just because good interior design is timeless doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from a little kick in the tush every so often.   Continue reading “Good Interior Design Is Timeless”

An Interior Design Team Uses These Two Tricks To Stay Creative

Creativity Doesn’t Always Happen 9 To 5

littleblackdomicile quotes

Everyone working in a creative industry knows that the juices don’t always flow freely.  More often than not, those juices can start to slow without much notice.  And it’s almost guaranteed they will stop completely with a deadline looming.  In the interior design world this can be a problem!

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Little Black “domicile”! – An Interior Design Blog One Year Later


Good Design Is Everywhere And For Everyone!

peeled oranges - the humble ye defiant orange

The Humble Orange Is How This Blog Started

Gorgeous color, refreshing fragrance, and an explosion of taste.  For me a white bowl of oranges on the table inexpensively adds to the decor and reminds us to take a few minutes out of our days and treat ourselves.  I like that oranges remain defiant in today’s constant on the go lifestyles.  No matter how you prepare….peeling, slicing, or segmenting….an orange takes a little time and is deliciously messy!

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Time To Rethink Your Closet System?

What Works Best For Your Wardrobe

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While this quote is true for many aspects of design, we believe it goes double when it comes to our closets.  Or as our friends across the pond call them, our wardrobes.  As long as we all wear clothes, we are going to have to keep coming up with closet systems that work for each of us everyday.

allure graphics wardrobe

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Building A Better Bookcase


“A set of shelves for books set in a surrounding frame or cabinet.”

This dictionary definition of a bookcase quickly shows us how we are evolving as a society.  For those who do still relish the feel and smell of some pulp fiction, do you have bookcases dedicated entirely to the storage of these treasures?  If not, what are you doing with the empty bookshelves?

stack of books with pair of glasses on top

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