A Fantastic Budget Friendly Kitchen Update

Why Do Kitchen Updates Cost So Much?

Our kitchens get a workout at holiday time.  In addition to planning and preparing the special meals and extra baking, we need to feed the masses that are on school holidays and guests who are visiting.  This is a time when it is easy to see the short comings of our kitchens and start dreaming about what we’d like to improve.  But why, oh why, do kitchen updates cost so much?  What if we show you a fantastic updated kitchen that is really budget friendly?

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Holiday Decorating Traditions

Does Anyone Still Use Tinsel?

christmas tree with tinsel and red ball ornaments
photo via WYFF News 4

Boy, is that a blast from the past!  Is tinsel a part of anyone’s holiday decorating anymore?  Did your parents ever “save” the tinsel from year to year making it your job to pick it off the tree?  Regardless of whether or not you use the coveted shiny “icicles”, we bet you have some serious holiday decorating traditions of your own.


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Interior Designers Are The Hairdresser of the Home

Have you ever cut your own hair badly or had a DIY interior design project flop?


Interior Designers Are The Hairdressers Of The Home

Raise your hand if you have ever stood in front of your mirror crying after a botch job to your hair “just to get you by till your next appointment”, or worse yet to “save money”!  Or, have you made an even more costly mistake with your home by implementing a DIY project without an overall interior design plan? Raise your hand again!

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Thanksgiving Table Settings And A Few Holiday Tips

Need Ideas For Your Holiday Table Settings?

Apartment 34 Knows How To Set A Holiday Table

Photo via Apartment 34 

Ok, it’s time to get serious about Thanksgiving plans and this includes how are you going to set the table?   Today we will show you some of our Holiday Tablescapes On Our Pinterest Board.   Continue reading “Thanksgiving Table Settings And A Few Holiday Tips”

How To Be Confident With Design Decisions

Help!   I am so frustrated trying to finish even one room in my home.

A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week Of Content

Every year about this time, we get what we call “Panic Calls” from soon to be clients.  These calls come from folks who are in the middle of a project, or are paralyzed and can’t pull the trigger to begin a project.  Both clients have one thing in common.  A fear of making a design mistake.  Sound familiar?  We sincerely hope not, but if so…..

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How Spending More May Jumpstart The Road To Minimalism

The Road To Minimalism

Wait!  Doesn’t becoming a minimalist mean we have to spend less?  Don’t we have to get rid of everything and live like misers?  Nope.  Keep reading the post today and see how spending more on these certain items was the jumpstart that worked on the road to minimalism for us.

CollaborateWith People You Can Learn From

As a reward for becoming minimalist in the area we are talking about, we gained one of these….a walk in butler’s pantry!

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The 5 Best Ways To Stay Motivated Writing A Blog-An Interior Designer’s View

Staying motivated while writing a blog can be a bit daunting at times.  Especially when you are new at it!

BLOG – A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

A year ago, our design firm Laurel Bledsoe Design, did not have a blog.  Reading a blog about a subject we are interested in is a pleasurable experience.  Something to look forward to when the author posts a new article.  Our favorite bloggers post on a schedule we expect and somehow they never let us down.  Now that we write Little Black “domicile”!, we understand how important it is to stay motivated.

Collaborate With People You Can Learn From-Pharrell


One of the best ways to stay motivated when writing a blog is to collaborate with other bloggers.  Today, we’d like to introduce you to Melissa Miller and share our story.

Sweet Melissa Desserts Working On A Batch Of Her Homemade Caramels for littleblackdomicile.com- Talk About Motivation!

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The Best Interior Designers Are The Best Listeners


A good life is not a place at which you arrive, it is a lens through which you see and create your world.” ― Jonathan Fields

With technology today, we all have an image of what we think our homes should look like.  What they should convey to the world and endless sources telling us how to achieve this very thing.  To some extent this has always been the case.  The design industry is based on finding the new, the better, and presenting the best in everything.  Our firm is small and has been for 35 years.  Our approach to good design will always be the same because it is what our clients expect and we continuously strive to deliver.

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Does Your Home Have A Blemish Or Two?



If not…maybe you need to talk with us.

A messy bed with all white linens, and art on what askew. via pinterest

The beds didn’t get made before the day took off.  Artwork is askew, that is if that last vacation shot is even framed and hung.  Photos are fuzzy and work lurks unfinished on our desks.  The wood floor has a life’s worth of scratches.  The bath is no where close to the spa retreat we crave and we still have to clean the renovated kitchen.  Sound like somewhere you know?

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Sometimes Home Is A Person

Home Is Where The Heart Is

greta rybus, worn leather jackets and bag hanging on a simple white peg board in a maine seaside cottage

Or maybe it is where we hang our hat, or coat, or any of the numerous bags we all tote from work and school.  Maybe it is where we grab that piece of toast that’s not quite done because we are late running out the door.  Maybe it is the bathtub we’d love to be soaking in if it was not full of all the kid’s toys.  Regardless of what our houses look like, they are our homes simply because of the people in them.

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