Our Hat’s Off To You!




We’ve got exactly one week to get our Derby attire ready.  Louisville, Kentucky has an extra holiday on its calendar.  One more than the rest of the country.  The Running of the Roses is no doubt the biggest celebration in the city each year.  This is a holiday with a preamble of nearly two weeks before the big day….hat day!  Need a little inspiration for both your “derby” and your home for race time?  Keep looking!

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Practice Makes Perfect



The definition of cookery is the practice or skill of preparing and cooking food. It’s a British word and one I thought meant the actual place of the events.  Something that could be used as a sub for our word kitchen.  However, it’s a verb not a noun. Cookery certainly sounds more continental than cooking, and conjures up visions of  kitchens a tad more unconventional than ones in the U.S.  Wouldn’t you love to practice cookery in any of these simply savvy kitchens?

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The Norman Rockwell’s of Today

New Life For An Architectural Gem


About a decade ago, the term Boutique Hotel began to surface in the travel world.  These hotels often were smaller, and a bit more minimalistic than the major chains.  They all had a unique personality.  Most had a bar with select food options, and of course coffee.  Early on, as we stayed at the various hotels, I tried very hard to relay to others what we liked about them.  What was the draw?  I really couldn’t pinpoint any one thing they all had in common except they have a “feeling” that is comforting in a haunting kind of way.

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Ring Around the Rosy



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We are Stuck on You!


Update to Earlier Post of 4.6.17

As often happens, we got so excited about the milestone we were bragging about today…we forgot to add all the details.  Guess we still need to stay in Blog school!

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Go with me Somewhere

Ignacia Palomo Duarte .jpg

My husband would jump in anyone’s suitcase at anytime.  He is infamous for agreeing to be part of your travel plans in what I call polite conversations.  He is the ultimate traveler and makes your trip the event of a lifetime. You can’t wait to plan your next vacation with him.

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Comfortable Luxury

“What’s one thing I can do quickly, and not spend too much money,  to my home this spring?”- EF



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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere


5 New Ways to Use a Bar Cart





18891061 copy

Terrace Bar Cart.jpg

Another one of my favorite finds is my glamorous Terrace Bar Cart from West Elm. If you love to entertain using a bar cart can make you feel like the hostess with the mostest! A bar cart can be moved anywhere in your home. You can push a cart filled with glassware, ice bucket, bar tools and liquor to wherever the party goes!  There is a style and finish for everyone.

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Counter Attack


More decisions today are made in our kitchens than in any of the board rooms across this country. This is especially true as life becomes more digital. How many times have you paid bills, planned trips, checked school assignments and synchronized calendars working off your kitchen counter? We confess, much of this blog gets written in this exact way. Early mornings and very late nights standing doing last minutes edits or notes for the next great idea we have. With our kitchens being the command hubs, counters have to take on so many different functions.  Because this is a design blog…we say those counters need to look good while doing it! So what better way than to make a counter look good than to have a cake on it?!

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Does this “Art” Make My Wall Look “Big”?

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.45.46 PM.png

That’s a loaded question.  In any other context  we often do not like the answer.  However, yes my dear, your wall does look “big” and it looks great!

Do you have a large wall in your home?  Whether you live in a condo, an apartment or a house, our guess is that you could find some empty wall space to play with.  Could this be the meaning of less is more?

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