Counter Attack


More decisions today are made in our kitchens than in any of the board rooms across this country. This is especially true as life becomes more digital. How many times have you paid bills, planned trips, checked school assignments and synchronized calendars working off your kitchen counter? We confess, much of this blog gets written in this exact way. Early mornings and very late nights standing doing last minutes edits or notes for the next great idea we have. With our kitchens being the command hubs, counters have to take on so many different functions.  Because this is a design blog…we say those counters need to look good while doing it! So what better way than to make a counter look good than to have a cake on it?!

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Does this “Art” Make My Wall Look “Big”?

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.45.46 PM.png

That’s a loaded question.  In any other context  we often do not like the answer.  However, yes my dear, your wall does look “big” and it looks great!

Do you have a large wall in your home?  Whether you live in a condo, an apartment or a house, our guess is that you could find some empty wall space to play with.  Could this be the meaning of less is more?

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Your Tailor is Waiting


Wait a minute…are we talking about our homes or our wardrobes?  Anna is no doubt talking about what we wear.  We think there is a huge connection in what appeals to each of us.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Why not the fashion icons of the world or the flawlessly messy French girl we all swoon over?

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8 Days A Week

18891061 (2)

 Everyday Must Haves

Just like the Beatles song, we all have a few items we need everyday of the week, and then some.  These are items that make our days start off better, run more smoothly and finish off nicely.  They can be consumable items, furnishings or the latest technology.  What they all have in common is that we count on them and look forward to using them on a daily basis. These things are woven into the design of our homes and lives.  Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Happy Friday!

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Armchair Travel

Inspired Traveller .jpeg

There are many homes in many places that I want to live in.   I accept that  there are too many for me to get to them all “in person”.  However, virtually I have enjoyed a lot of them.  Thanks to such detailed websites I will probably never run out of choices.  When I armchair travel I stay at places that are unique.  My definition of unique simply means properties that are different from our home.  The reasons these homes are appealing may be the location, the scenery, the architecture or the decor.   Sometimes a combination of all these things. They may be sleek and shiny or a bit decadent.  They can be thousands of square feet to fill up with friends and family or compactly intimate. Let’s take a look at the latest guilty pleasure.

La Maison du Figuier – for Rent in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines


A Jeans and Sweatshirt Kind of Beach1f68f5ab-4840-41d4-80cb-90c4188a744c.jpg

Whitewashed Walls, Concrete Floors, Stone Walls Peeking thru just to remind us that they were here first. No Tv.  Wireless a must.153aa051-7d83-4f32-bb00-737be1120217.jpg

Evening Fires we can still Smell in the Morning.70f24100-86e8-4c90-adbe-6fac5c5f404e.jpg

A Kitchen so Simple no Instructions Needed.9b74c212-10cb-4b84-821c-4d2ee6f5e3a1.jpg

Look at the Color of these Fresh Figs!


Sunlight with Time to Enjoy  Soaking it In.6d526a1f-c739-4be3-9b17-4f83c8dc9468.jpg

Outdoor Areas not Overdone.


Beds so Comfy and Forgiving Linensb5983ed0-3eda-498f-a291-503f3fbdd571.jpg

 Little Wind Burnt Faces Sleeping against the Color of these Bunks…


So the next day can be an exact repeat of the one before.


Savor Sunday!

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Curry On


Benjamin Moore Dash of Curry 2159-10

As designers, some colors simply strike us. Often, for me, they are colors that I can almost “smell”.  Spices have such depth.  When a color grabs our attention, we can see visions of how wonderful these hues will be in a decor.  Dash of Curry is one of these such colors.  I’ll admit I am on the verge of obsession about this one!


These puppies will make it into my pillow hoard.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Now this might be an “heirloom” to create that will be passed on.


An Entire Wall of this is the Bomb

(but no cords showing please)

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Whomever gets to “grow up” (no matter their age) in this kitchen is eons ahead of the rest of us on the happiness scale!



Artists Love these Pigments

Art - Houzz .jpg

Installed on Clip Rings these Panels could be put “on” when the mood strikes you or “off” to change up the decor.  So progressive of you!

Drapes-Dining Room.jpg

How about the next spice over …a bit of Nutmeg?


Or dark chocolate with cayene pepper?

(Yes, we might be a tad obsessed !)

Bathroom - Rug & Wood.jpg

All Kristen’s Photos- Pinterest

 There are so many ways to use this bold, rich color successfully.  It can be used  as accents in otherwise neutral color pallets or become the neutral in a room.  Either way, likes it’s mentor, this color is timeless.  Don’t be afraid to use it in decor furnishings or as full force statements with paint and in tile.  Dash away and brace for impact!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

The Inspiration

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