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Nix These 3 Reasons We Procrastinate Considering Home Improvements

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Ideas for our homes are literally everywhere.  HGTV, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, magazines when we get our hair cut, our best friends’ homes, and the most prominent ideas we deal with, are the ones bouncing around in our heads.  With everything so readily available to us…..why do we still procrastinate when implementing home improvement projects?

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How To Take A Room’s “Good Bones” To The Next Level In A WEEKEND!


Many of us have rooms in our homes with “good bones” as the saying goes.  In reality we know there are really no bones yet elements to the space that are a good foundation for good design.

This room has a nice wood floor, a great pair of windows and some decent size base and top molding.  It’s also got a basic and a bit boring color palette.  What would you do to take this space to the next level in a “weekend”!

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How to Choose Those Blue-Green Colors That Make Every Home Look Good!


We’ve all got that “friend” whose eyes are that piercing shade of blue…no wait maybe they are green?  Mr. LBD is one of these fortunate people.  That baby blue green color is hard to replicate but when we do it makes every home look good!

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Before & After Dining Nook 6.13.18

Wednesday “Wow”!



The Power Of Interior Design On Our Psyche

Good design makes us want to live in one place vs another.  The principal is so simple yet often overlooked by homeowners, and landlords, that want to attract the best prospects for their properties.

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Bathroom Before and After 5.30.18

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We All Love Before & After Photos!

Last week we received two inquiries.  The first question about how to best use our Virtual Interior Design Packages  and the second, a question as to why we don’t do more before and after renovation posts.

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How To Organize Photographs…Both Old and New

capture life with photographs

Keeping and Making Memories with Photographs

Everyone is a photographer now.  We love to photo every holiday and gathering.  Our kids, pets, food, sporting events, and travels all are documented in details unimaginable 20 years ago.  Honestly, we are all getting pretty good at capturing our life in photographs.  However, have we created a new level of stress for ourselves about how to actually organize these photographs so we can enjoy them?

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