Before You Say “I Do”


Harrods Wedding Gifts
Harrods Wedding Gift Wrapping

Wedding gifts originated from the notion of a bride price, or dowry, that was paid to the bride’s family.  It usually included land, animals, money, and other forms of historical wealth.  The first recorded dowry was exchanged in 3,000 B.C.  From there, during the next several thousand years, evolved marriage and hope chests, key baskets and finally the registry.  As long as people keep getting married we are going to need gift ideas.  Do you need help with a wedding gift idea? Continue reading “Before You Say “I Do””

Just Throw That In The Garage

5 Things Every Young Guy Wants in A Dream Garage




The garage is the first line of defense for all the things entering our homes. It’s where we decide what comes in and what we don’t want to track into the rest of our home.  Garages are also intended to house our cars. All very practicable, but what else can go into a garage to make it the serve its ultimate purpose…the GUY’S SPACE!?

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Are There Better Ways to Use The Closet Space You Have?


Closets, and what they hold, are a big part of our lives .  We spend both time and money on them and what they house.  As long as we are alive, it’s an expense we are going to have no matter where we live.  Mansions with staff, family homes with revolving kids, guest and family, cottages by the sea, cabins in the woods, apartments in the cities and even hotels, all have to find ways to accommodate our stuff.  When looking at new homes, or considering a renovation to our existing spaces, this storage is high on the list.  ALL closets look larger empty which is how they lure us into spending more than we should at times.  It’s when we fill them up, sometimes to more than capacity, that our dreams are dashed.  What if we could make changes that made our days run smoother and give us the wow moment every time we peek inside?



One In One Out


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You didn’t save the ferns from last summer…did you?  Probably not.  If you did how many times did you sweep up those miserable tiny leaves?  To me, there are two perfect days in a Boston Fern’s life.  The day we proudly admire the porch ready for summer and the day we get to toss them in the trash!  It’s a love/hate relationship but one with a lesson.   It’s the One In One Out theory in reverse.

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I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair





It’s Monday and we all need a little Motivation to get the laundry done this week.  Half the nation has been on school spring break somewhere.  The rest of us have played hooky from weekend chores and enjoyed a little spring weather.  Regardless, in a lot of homes right now, there is laundry everywhere. Who are we kidding, this week is not too much different from any other week. There is always laundry to be done!  Unsorted, sorted and lying around in piles ready to wash, some in the washer ready to dry, some laying in the dryer wrinkling and hopefully some hanging and folded, ready to put away.

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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere


5 New Ways to Use a Bar Cart





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Terrace Bar Cart.jpg

Another one of my favorite finds is my glamorous Terrace Bar Cart from West Elm. If you love to entertain using a bar cart can make you feel like the hostess with the mostest! A bar cart can be moved anywhere in your home. You can push a cart filled with glassware, ice bucket, bar tools and liquor to wherever the party goes!  There is a style and finish for everyone.

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Books Make you Smarter


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Perhaps, but only if you can actually find them and read them.  For years, a certain person in our family who I will not mention but we all know who she is, convinced herself that the more books you could acquire the smarter you would at least look to your friends.  She housed hers on those spur of the moment bookcases you buy that have cardboard contact paper backs.  They really won’t hold the weight of books unless you anchor them to each other and anchor to the wall.  They come in all sorts of “natural wood” finishes.  Are you getting the picture yet?  We’ve all had a turn at moving her “library” and praying she will catch on to ebooks.  However, as God always reminds me when I am being a tad too critical, I do like it when shelves can really be used. Let’s take a look at the difference between a workhorse and a filly.

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Muffin Tops


We’ve all got them…places in our homes that are “spilling” over their proposed containment. Small drawers seem to be the number one culprit.  How to books and blogs about organizing either preach that we should not even have some of the stuff I am talking about or require us to buy all kinds of new, expensive systems.

Enter the humble muffin tin.  Deep, multiple compartments that fit in even the most narrow drawers.  Can be placed vertically or horizontally. Use them alone or in groups.  Available in multiple finishes and colors. Let’s look at a few ways to do some quick organizing.




Looking back I can remember our Dad buying boxes of “stuff” at auctions.  Many times these boxes had nuts, bolts, washers, nails and screws  all mixed together in coffee cans.  He had a few old muffin tins and we’d sit and sort for hours.  I have no idea where anything went after we sorted it but we sure felt important doing it.   I can’t look at a tin without thinking I thought they were just for screws!

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