(3) Quick Bathroom Updates Without A Renovation!

Is Your Bathroom Yearning For Some Love?


Our bathrooms take it on the chin from us every day.  Probably no other space in the house that we use more.  Show your bath some love with these quick updates that don’t require any renovation at all!

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Staying Home For Labor Day 2020?

Remember This Past Post?

Betcha cat can't do these!.png

Boy, we had no idea how many of us would be home this September when we wrote this post a few years ago!  Looks like our homes will be even more important to us this Labor Day holiday.

So let’s go thru those closets one more time, get the spices ready to smell up our kitchens, and clean up our plants for the wonderful weather we have coming up.


Happy Labor Day!


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The Trick To Always Having Fresh Spices And Keeping Them Organized



Got any spices with expiration dates in the last decade?  Looking for ways to stay organized and have fresh spices all the times?

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How To Take Full Advantage Of Storage Opportunities

Out Of Storage..Think Again!


One of the best ways to keep our homes organized is to take full advantage of existing storage opportunities…even when they are hiding in plain site!

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Letting Our Closets Do Their Jobs

Ballard Design cg.jpg

As we have said in posts before, no matter who we are or what we do, most of us are going to have to get dressed each day.  Instead of this daily task being a source of stress, how about we go back to letting our closets do their jobs!

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Ok Monday…Let’s Do This!




Designers are just like everyone else.  We sneak in some weekend internet time to save photos of all kinds of inspiration for our homes.  We are trained, and have years of experience, that help us see things others might miss.  In our minds, there is always a “what if” churning.  Some concepts take time and money.  All good.  Plan the work and work the plan.  But what can we do now?  Personally,  I’ve found that small accomplishments in our home keep me motivated.  Something that can be done quickly, like “right now”!  Basically for sweat labor  free and make me feel like I have made a positive difference in our life.   Tall order…easy fix!

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