Cookbooks…Why Do We Have So Many?

Because We Love Cookbooks!

Julia Child Quote -If you are afraid of butter use cream

As we enter this holiday season, our cookbooks play a big role.  Let’s look at all the different ways to store these beloved collections and ponder a Cookbook Exchange this season.  After all, a cookbook is the one thing surrounded by food that does not have to watch it’s calories!

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Nobody Wants To Have A Double Chin!

Do You Have Too Much Junk In Your Kitchen?


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Have you got duplicate items, or “double chins” in your home? Hey, life happens.  Especially in our kitchens!  Cabinets and drawers become over loaded.  It can be hard to find what we are looking for.  When we work with clients considering a kitchen renovation, we suggest a purge before the project starts. Why keep things in the kitchen that can be disposed of, or stored somewhere else if not needed but a few times a year?  Even if you are not renovating….a quick refresher is for everyone!

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Do You Dread Opening Your Pantry Door?

Using A Pantry For Things Other Than Food

littleblackdomicile walk in pantry

As promised in Monday’s post, How Spending More May Jumpstart The Road To Minimalism today we show you what we’ve gained by not having a walk in food pantry.

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How Spending More May Jumpstart The Road To Minimalism

The Road To Minimalism

Wait!  Doesn’t becoming a minimalist mean we have to spend less?  Don’t we have to get rid of everything and live like misers?  Nope.  Keep reading the post today and see how spending more on these certain items was the jumpstart that worked on the road to minimalism for us.

CollaborateWith People You Can Learn From

As a reward for becoming minimalist in the area we are talking about, we gained one of these….a walk in butler’s pantry!

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The Best Open Shelving For Under $30


Open shelving in kitchens can come in many styles and sizes...what is right for you?  Kitchen-Open-Shelving-Gray-and-White-Kitchen -the inspired room

Look at 10 photos of kitchen, or bath, renovations today and a good percentage of them will utilize open wall shelving.  Sure they look attractive but will open shelves really work in our homes or is this a look best suited for the magazines only?

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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere



decoist chrome "x" bar cart with glass decanters of warm bourbons
Chrome, glass, mirrors and lighting create a statement!

Time Zones can play havoc with even the most seasoned of travelers!  Even a simple one hour difference can keep us checking the time.  One thing that does seem to be governed by our internal clock is our beloved happy hours.  Regardless if adult beverages are involved or not, the ritual of winding down the day and preparing nightly rituals is something to look forward to.  Especially on a Friday!

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