How One Family Saved $70K Using A Design Team For Their Kitchen Renovation

How We Got A Kitchen We Love For Less

laurelbledsoedesign design selection board for Baringer Kitchen

“We saved a bundle of money and months of disruption and hassle.  My husband and I talked to three contractors about removing a load bearing brick wall and gut renovating the kitchen in our 100+ year old home—we had only lived there a year. 

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Selling A Home… Are You Reaching The Right Buyers?

 Marketing A Lifestyle Sells A Home


Zig Zigler-littleblackdomicile-people buy for emotional reasons
Zig Ziglar


The spring real estate season is fast approaching and your buyer is scrolling thru listings right now.  Yes, this is often the best time to place a house on the market. However, it can also be the most competitive time and your home has to appeal to a buyer quickly.  Real estate agents have a standard list of what to do to prepare a home for sale.  Our design firm has assisted clients buying, and selling, homes for too many years to count.  Join us, this Friday, as we show you our Favorite way to market a home!

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Real Estate Designed To Sell Moves Quickly

Good Interior Design Always Sells

littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell

Remember when our mothers used to ask us if we were living in a barn?  Well, mother, we know some pretty savvy Realtors who would gladly sell us a well designed barn any day.

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Interior Designs With Soul Don’t Come From A Catalog

A Home Office Evolves With A Virtual Interior Design Consultation

laurebledsoedesign.com_home office_hiderugs_greysofas_customart_grizzle gray walls

“I want what you have!” – AW

During an initial interior design consultation we ask our clients a simple question.  “What is your goal for this space?”  When a client is also a friend they often have seen our homes.  They don’t really want the same things we have.  They want a home like ours that uses design concepts and theory to offer a personalized decor that works for them.  There is nothing like walking into our own home and knowing it’s the best place in the world. 

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5 Types Of Lighting For Savvy First Time Home Owners


littleblackdomicile - Kristen's House During First Phase of Painting

  If you remember from our previous post, Oh My Goodness…We Own A House! , our plan for the house is to work with the integrity of the architecture and mix in our style.  One way to blend the old and the new in a house is with lighting.  The painting is underway and we want to have new fixtures ready to install in all the fresh new rooms!   It’s Friday Favorites and let’s look at some of the types of lighting we have our eyes on.

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The Best Interior Designers Are The Best Listeners


A good life is not a place at which you arrive, it is a lens through which you see and create your world.” ― Jonathan Fields

With technology today, we all have an image of what we think our homes should look like.  What they should convey to the world and endless sources telling us how to achieve this very thing.  To some extent this has always been the case.  The design industry is based on finding the new, the better, and presenting the best in everything.  Our firm is small and has been for 35 years.  Our approach to good design will always be the same because it is what our clients expect and we continuously strive to deliver.

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How Does A Designer Nail A Paint Color Every Time? How can you?


0493FD12-0349-45BB-9333-B553CA7ABAE5It’s so easy to look at a photo in a magazine, on Pinterest or Instagram and identify with the decor of a particular room.  To see ourselves living in the very space, especially like the one above that are so lovely with layers of a creamy white and off white color palette.  We like it, even love it, and want to recreate the look in our own homes.  How do rooms like these evolve?  How do we choose just the right paints to use the first time around? It can be so simple…

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Instant Ways Home Offices Go From Boring To Beautiful!

Traditional Home Desk In A Window, Herringbone Wood Floor, Metal Bookcases


In 2013, one in five American’s worked from home.  By 2016 the number was up to 24%.  The term for working from home, while employed by someone is called “working remotely”.  Being self employed often means a home office is a must.  Statistics show that not being in a traditional office environment increases productivity, lowers stress, reduces turnover, and lowers real estate costs to employers.  Globally, working remotely has been more the norm and is part of the future for many people everywhere.  Setting up an office at home can be done pretty quickly.  Creating a personalized space that inspires us may take a bit more thought….but boy can it be worth the effort!


Pinterest Black and White Home Office

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