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Before & After Living Room..Oh My!

laurelbledsoedesign-littleblackdomicile-before and after-living room-fireplace

Everyone has our own taste when it comes to decor.  What works for one homeowner may not work for the next one.  Good designers will work with the assets in a space to create personalized designs.  Six years ago, our interior design firm, Laurel Bledsoe Design, had the opportunity to assist our client with today’s before and after of this living room.

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No Matter The Weather…Coffee Is Universal

Do Certain Aromas Smell Like Home?


 Sure chilly, curl up to the fire nights or after a sunny morning walk can get us thinking about a good cup of coffee. But when is it we really savor the scent of a cup of joe?  For a very large percentage of us, it’s when our feet hit the floor each morning.  Scents create emotion and no matter the weather, where we are, or how we get it…Coffee Is Universal!

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What Does A Guest Really Need In A Bathroom?

Motivantional Monday


Tis the season for our friends and families to be using our bathrooms!  On another Motivational Monday let’s talk about what a guest really needs.

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Wasting Money on Stainless Appliances

Before The Renovation

Architectural Digest is a wonderful source for some truly great Before and After projects.  Here’s an example of when it’s better to plan a complete renovation, including a realistic budget, instead of small updates where good money is thrown after bad.  Even the more reasonable big box store stainless refrigerator’s are expensive. In this case, spending a few thousand dollars did not make much difference in this kitchen. Do you agree?  Now the vintage range is pretty cool tho!


After the Renovation

There are so many things to like about this renovated space!  First, it appears to be within the a very similar footprint.  Using existing space is always less expensive and allows the project to take less time.  Next, the way the finishings are combined is uniquely interesting.  Yeah for this red door!  Much thought, care and attention to detail was part of this plan. There is a personality, almost a soul to this kitchen.  Finally, this space is not the oversized, open concept, white-white decor that seems to be touted everywhere right now. This decor is timeless. We can tell there is a family that just can’t wait to get here everyday!

Update- This is a repost from February 2017..we still love the soul in this kitchen!

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“Oh, How We Love A White Kitchen!” However…..

Are All White Kitchens Looking Alike?


We agree a white kitchen can be beautiful!  However, as of late, we’ve got more clients asking us what we think of the trend of shaker cabinets, marble tops, farm sinks and white subway tile.  Today, let’s look at a few NEW ways we can say, “Oh, How We Love A White Kitchen!”

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We Spy With Our Designer Eye 9.27.20

Sunday Strolling


Each  Sunday we share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  A design that caught our eye and made us stop and enjoy, like this one shared by tommasospinzi. Last Sunday we joked about doing something different in our home’s design…this week we give applauds to this guy who is way outside the design box! Indeed, he is writing his own story. Bravo!  Join us today as “We Spy With Our Designer Eye”!

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