Free Interior Design Element…You Already Own It!


scandinavian fireplace with white tiles on black wall and with crystal chandelier

Monday we showed you four homes that all have something in common.  Something free that makes every interior the best it can be.  Did you figure out what we are talking about?   It’s in traditional design and in modern design.  Farmhouse to Jetson decor.  Your home and ours.

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A Pretty Powder Room Makeover

A Post Worth A Second Look

So often when we feature a renovation project, we begin with the “not so pretty” before shots.  Today, however, we just couldn’t wait to share this pretty powder room makeover’s after photos!

laurelbledsoedesign-beforeandafterbathroommakeover-pedestal vanity


Now onto how this exceptional bath came to be!

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How To Take Full Advantage Of Storage Opportunities

Out Of Storage..Think Again!


One of the best ways to keep our homes organized is to take full advantage of existing storage opportunities…even when they are hiding in plain site!

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Our Six Favorite Blush Paint Colors


Little Black Domicile- Bitter Truth Pink Gin-Blush Color-Paint

You’re Making Us Blush

It doesn’t take much for Laurel to be inspired by something totally unrelated to interior design. Such is the example of this pink gin bottle she spotted during one of her travels.   I agree! The colors in this photo are simple and sophisticated at the same time. Let’s look at how to use this beautiful color in our homes.  Get ready to blush!

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The Sunday Spy 5.8.2022





We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each  Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  A design that caught our eye and made us stop and enjoy, like this one shared by katlawoninteriors.  At first glance we immediately are drawn in by the simple, yet impactful floor in this bathroom.  With a closer look, we gasp and say “yes! I want one of these baths too”! Read more…

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Good Interior Design Is Timeless

Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater!


Our firm renovates bathrooms often.  Restoring a vintage bath, with good interior design, is an honor.

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