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The Container Store Black and White Wall Unit Closet

Today on Friday Favorites we share the many ways to think beyond the constructed closets in our homes.  Before we do, a quick reminder that the January 2018 digital issue of the LBD Magazine is available as a gift to new subscribers, and available by request for those already following LBD every week. Do you know the difference between Staging and Styling our homes?

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How Our Homes Can Reduce Our Stress


Now My Closet Loves Me!

littleblackdomicile virtual closet design

“To say my closet transformation was life changing is an understatement! I must admit it took some soul searching and motivation (thank you, Laurel) to part with clothes that were from the “working” chapter of my life. I’m very glad I did! (I did keep a few skirts just in case!) I am now so organized I know exactly where to go to get what I need every day. No more stressing out! Now on to the rest of my house!”-KO

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Time To Rethink Your Closet System?

What Works Best For Your Wardrobe

littleblackdomicile motivational monday

While this quote is true for many aspects of design, we believe it goes double when it comes to our closets.  Or as our friends across the pond call them, our wardrobes.  As long as we all wear clothes, we are going to have to keep coming up with closet systems that work for each of us everyday.

allure graphics wardrobe

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3 Ways To Spend Your “Labor” Day At Home


Oh, there is nothing better than a 3 day weekend when a “little” holiday falls on Monday.  You know what kind of holiday I am talking about.  One that does not require loads of planning, preparation or extra commitments.  These 3 day weekends allow us to spend casual time with friends and family and still have a whole “free” day to ourselves.  Perhaps like me, you’ve eaten well, laughed hard and are thinking about what you might be able to “get done” around the house with this glorious free day.  There is also nothing that feels better to me than accomplishing something that has been nagging me but keeps getting pushed back on the To Do List.  So I think I’ll plan a bit of “labor” for this Labor Day.

Betcha cat can't do these!

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Breaking Point- A Closet Story



About once a week we get an inquiry about closet designs.  Do we design closets, how much does a custom closet cost, how quickly can we meet to start the process.  The answers…yes we do, we can work with any budget and we will talk when you have your closet cleaned out.  Wait….”I have to clean out my closet first?”  Not what most expect to hear and not what all custom closet companies suggest as a first step.

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Are There Better Ways to Use The Closet Space You Have?


Closets, and what they hold, are a big part of our lives .  We spend both time and money on them and what they house.  As long as we are alive, it’s an expense we are going to have no matter where we live.  Mansions with staff, family homes with revolving kids, guest and family, cottages by the sea, cabins in the woods, apartments in the cities and even hotels, all have to find ways to accommodate our stuff.  When looking at new homes, or considering a renovation to our existing spaces, this storage is high on the list.  ALL closets look larger empty which is how they lure us into spending more than we should at times.  It’s when we fill them up, sometimes to more than capacity, that our dreams are dashed.  What if we could make changes that made our days run smoother and give us the wow moment every time we peek inside?


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