Are You A Painted Lady Or A Gal Who Paints?

Paint The Unexpected! painted chairs for casual dining

All week we’ve been sharing some pretty fantastic designs that are all about paint.  Paint was a key factor in saving our client $70K in their kitchen.  Read The Post Here

Today on this spring Friday Favorites, let’s look at another DIY project that can be so much fun.  Start your engines and paint!

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10 Fresh Spring Holiday Table Settings

Our Friday Favorite Easter Table Settings

driven by decor-easter table setting with pink tulips and chocolate bunny
driven by decor

No matter what the weather has been in your area, spring is always in our dining rooms during this special holiday.  Make your table setting special for the most important people in your family.  Happy Easter!

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The Sunday Spy 3.25.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

douglas friedman dining room in house beautiful

This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  With the Easter holiday coming up this week, let’s look at this dining room shared via house beautiful .  At first glance we see the amazing lacquered walls.  With a closer look, we also see all of the carefully chosen details that make this room so attractive.

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I’m Ready For My Close Up Mr. DeMille

5 Steps To A Personalized Gallery Wall

Yes, to finish off the week, we are still talking about displaying art, pictures, photos, and gallery walls.  However, today we would like to officially kick off the Christmas month with a small challenge.  And don’t worry, even if you don’t know the answer, you can have the festive recipe for a Christmas Sangria by kjandcompany anyway!

“What do a holiday recipe and a gallery wall have in common?


KJ&Company  Christmas Sangria

kjandcompany Christmas Sangria Recipe Here

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Thanksgiving Table Settings And A Few Holiday Tips

Need Ideas For Your Holiday Table Settings?

Apartment 34 Knows How To Set A Holiday Table

Photo via Apartment 34 

Ok, it’s time to get serious about Thanksgiving plans and this includes how are you going to set the table?   Today we will show you some of our Holiday Tablescapes On Our Pinterest Board.   Continue reading “Thanksgiving Table Settings And A Few Holiday Tips”

We Eat First With Our Eyes

Making Everyday Meals Special

bowl of clam-chowder- courtesy of gatheranddine

Gather & Dine Weeknight Clam Chowder Recipe Here

Cookbooks, and online recipes, do one thing very well.  They provide us with photos of food that allow us to eat the food first with our eyes.  Food blogs have taken the photography of food to a new level.  The love affair with good food grows stronger everyday.

This bowl of clam chowder looks like we could dip that spoon right in and pull out the chunks of potatoes, celery and onion.  We can almost smell the pepper on the creamy surface.  Close your eyes and see if you can envision what the kitchen looks like that got this meal ready for the family table.

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If The World Is Your Oyster..

You Can Learn How To Select Timeless Paint Colors

Today let’s look at some fantastic interior design that takes a clue from mother nature and the humble oyster shell, creating spaces that are uniquely appealing.  If you are new to the blog, we invite you to sign up to follow us on a regular basis.  Sign up in the link below and we will send you the list of  8 favorite paint colors inspired by a plate of oyster shells!  Already an email follower and want the list?  Simply drop us an email and the list will be on it’s way. Sign Up To Get Oyster Inspired Paint Colors



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Is It Time For Back To School Already? Is Your Homework Area Ready?



Photos  via Pinterest

Let’s face it, the thought of homework does not conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings for kids or parents.  In reality the memories are more likely of lost assignments, mad dashes to Walgreens, crowded dinner tables ladled with supplies, frustrated kids who don’t “get this” and the bedtime clock looming in the background.  What if we could count on our homes to help make homework time better?

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Be Our Guest




Lauren Leiss

If you are in the over 50 crowd, you probably remember Sunday dinners. Sometimes these were at Grandma’s, or an old Aunts house .  You either have the best memories of walking in the door to unbelievable smells….or kicking and screaming the whole way that you did not want to go.  Whatever your memory, the point is that families at least tried to dine together.

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