Timeless Textural Elements Enhance Interior Design

It Takes So Little To “Feel” Good Design

harry seidler quote "good design doesn't date"

We live in a tactile world.  How often do we see with the touch of our fingertips?  It’s human nature to caress something that appeals to us.  It’s also nearly impossible to keep our hands off something that says “Do not touch!”  No where is this more real than in the interior designs of our homes.  We just have to feel how good the design is!

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Are You A Painted Lady Or A Gal Who Paints?

Paint The Unexpected!

living.corriere.it painted chairs for casual dining

All week we’ve been sharing some pretty fantastic designs that are all about paint.  Paint was a key factor in saving our client $70K in their kitchen.  Read The Post Here

Today on this spring Friday Favorites, let’s look at another DIY project that can be so much fun.  Start your engines and paint!

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The Kitchen Table-Bring It Back Please!

What Did We Do Before We Had Kitchen Islands?

ultimatechristoph farm house kitchen table on brick floor in white kitchen

Long before there were central islands in a kitchen we had these things called kitchen tables and they were smack dab in the middle of the room.  Many of us in the over 50 group have all kinds of memories of all the life that happened around these tables.  What about you…did you grow up around a kitchen table?

charcuterie-board- on what tablecloth with melon drink apartment 34


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Building A Better Bookcase


“A set of shelves for books set in a surrounding frame or cabinet.”

This dictionary definition of a bookcase quickly shows us how we are evolving as a society.  For those who do still relish the feel and smell of some pulp fiction, do you have bookcases dedicated entirely to the storage of these treasures?  If not, what are you doing with the empty bookshelves?

stack of books with pair of glasses on top

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 How To Create The Decor You’ll Love In Any Home

Even If You Don’t Have The Architecture And The Budget You Think You Need

White Painted Wood Floor, White Wire Leg Breakfast Table, Black Lacquered Chairs, Gold Light Fixture, Black Painted Window Sashes
via Remodelista

We all do it.  We zip through Pinterest, Instagram and places like Houzz, and find rooms we love.  Entire houses in fact.  We save the photos and may even start dissecting and researching to see how to make these visions come to life in our home.  Before long we hit a snag.  For starters,  the architecture in the rooms we love is the exact opposite of ours.  Or the first piece of furniture we price is what we hoped to spend on the entire space.  Perhaps the paint color on the walls, so recently finished you can still smell paint, came out different from in the photo you used as your inspiration.  Sound familiar?  Designing a home, your home, does not have to be like this.  Designers don’t necessarily have a bag of secrets but we do follow one rule on nearly every project….

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Choosing The Right Chairs For Our Homes


White Linen Slip Covered Chairs, Nook Seating Areas, Fiddle Leaf Ferns In Decor, Wood Drop Leaf Table

One thing that we all strive for in our homes is comfort.  While we may not always have the time to burrow into an inviting spot, we still want to have these cozy areas in our homes.  Places where we can envision ourselves curling up with a beverage to read for a bit.  Places where we can reconnect with our families after the hustle of the day.

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Go Ahead and Keep Digging a Bigger Hole


images 2.jpeg

Did you buy that “cheaper” sofa, that just isn’t right or is falling apart?  The one you are now trying to “fix” with throw pillows.  The one that requires you to have the condescending warranty guy on speed dial to keep patching it back together?  Sorry to be so harsh…but we have to get your attention.  We hate to see this happen and it does, over and over again.

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A Swan is Born


This chair is currently available at Room & Board.  You can select from multiple leg and fabric finishes to “make it more your own”.  Although it is a classic design, I’ll be honest, in todays world of Pinterest and Houzz  most of our clients would not look twice at this  chair.

Thank goodness one of our very best clients had a room of these!

photo 4.JPG

She purchased these years ago. Relocating from state to state, and in multiple houses….these puppies made the cut each time and ended up in her current home. The fabric worked in her previous decor. There was nothing “wrong” with these well made chairs.  However, from the beginning of an extensive, all consuming, construction renovation I was dreaming about how these chairs  could evolve and kept on about them. Almost to the point of nagging.   After a well deserved break, from her life as a construction manager (and may I say she did a bang up job!),  with creamy crocodile seats, linen backs and individual russet sashes these chairs are indeed striking!  They are visible from several rooms and are the perfect finish to the project.  Just recently she said, “Good design never goes out of style.”   However, we think these chairs will now be forever “in style”!


Take a look at these chairs below…someone feels the same as we do. Classic designs with a timeless personality!


Albert Pinto

Dining Rooms are unique spaces in our homes.  They are rooms that host our most special family events and other times rooms we seldom use.  These are rooms that offer endless possibilities of how they can be used in so many ways. Designer’s love to get our hands on these versatile spaces!  No matter how you use yours…at the very least…we hope you get a little smirk on your face every time you walk by.  If not, maybe you should contact us for a quick digital design!



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