Our Favorite Friday

Is Black Friday But Not Because Of The Sales

My Scandinavian Home White Dining Table in Light Filled Kitchen
photo courtesy My Scandinavian Home


As always, Thanksgiving 2017 was filled with good food, fond memories and lot’s of laughter with friends and families.  Across America retailers are in high gear to save us money as we enter the holiday season.  Because of the “food and too much fun” coma I’m still in, Black Friday sales hype can make me feel overwhelmed.  So years ago, we decided to pass on the sales and make today our Favorite Friday for another reason. It’s a day to clear our minds just as we cleared off the table from the big feast yesterday.

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5 Types Of Lighting For Savvy First Time Home Owners


littleblackdomicile - Kristen's House During First Phase of Painting

  If you remember from our previous post, Oh My Goodness…We Own A House! , our plan for the house is to work with the integrity of the architecture and mix in our style.  One way to blend the old and the new in a house is with lighting.  The painting is underway and we want to have new fixtures ready to install in all the fresh new rooms!   It’s Friday Favorites and let’s look at some of the types of lighting we have our eyes on.

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If The World Is Your Oyster..

You Can Learn How To Select Timeless Paint Colors

Today let’s look at some fantastic interior design that takes a clue from mother nature and the humble oyster shell, creating spaces that are uniquely appealing.  If you are new to the blog, we invite you to sign up to follow us on a regular basis.  Sign up in the link below and we will send you the list of  8 favorite paint colors inspired by a plate of oyster shells!  Already an email follower and want the list?  Simply drop us an email and the list will be on it’s way.

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Instant Ways Home Offices Go From Boring To Beautiful!

Traditional Home Desk In A Window, Herringbone Wood Floor, Metal Bookcases


In 2013, one in five American’s worked from home.  By 2016 the number was up to 24%.  The term for working from home, while employed by someone is called “working remotely”.  Being self employed often means a home office is a must.  Statistics show that not being in a traditional office environment increases productivity, lowers stress, reduces turnover, and lowers real estate costs to employers.  Globally, working remotely has been more the norm and is part of the future for many people everywhere.  Setting up an office at home can be done pretty quickly.  Creating a personalized space that inspires us may take a bit more thought….but boy can it be worth the effort!


Pinterest Black and White Home Office

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How To Work With A Virtual Interior Designer “In-Style”


Beth Djalali, Style at a Certain Age
Beth In Her New Style YouTube Office

Beth Djalali is the powerhouse behind the successful fashion blog Style at a Certain Age .

This gal is a daily inspiration to literally hundreds of thousands of women who follow her posts.  To put it in perspective, I will repeat what she told me.  300,000+ people following you is like three football stadiums full to capacity.  She inspires me to make an effort with my wardrobe everyday.  However, as a blogger, I understand the responsibility she has to her readers.  It’s equally exciting and exhausting.  Many bloggers work at home.  We were very happy to present suggestions that truly allow work spaces to be part of our homes.

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