Expectations of Blog Content and Online Shopping-Take Two

This post is an update to one written last fall.  Still perfectly timely and food for thought for all of us.  Plus…you don’t want to miss the exciting update on our lamp saga!

Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect To Be Wonderful



Last week LBD suffered another blog site problem on Sunday that took some extensive work with our IT guys to correct.  I am using this as one big excuse as to why posts have been sparse lately.  But to be honest, I’ve felt the funk of not being inspired to write new blog content for weeks.  Perhaps we need to gear expectations of blog content in the same way we do for online shopping. Update:  The world is in a funk right now and it takes all of us to keep each other motivated and inspired.  We appreciate all the kind thoughts that head our way each day and the understanding that blog posts are not at the tippy top of the priority list each day.

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Timeless Textural Elements Enhance Interior Design

It Takes So Little To “Feel” Good Design

harry seidler quote "good design doesn't date"

We live in a tactile world.  How often do we see with the touch of our fingertips?  It’s human nature to caress something that appeals to us.  It’s also nearly impossible to keep our hands off something that says “Do not touch!”  No where is this more real than in the interior designs of our homes.  We just have to feel how good the design is!

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How To Achieve Budget Friendly High End Design With DIY Projects

Confidence Inspires Motivation For DIY Home Projects


As a young designer and homeowner, there is nothing I enjoy more than helping others create homes that are perfectly suited to their lifestyles and their budgets.  Ah yes…the budget.  We all have one.  Most of us also know the super weekend warrior who seems to DIY quicker and for less money than others.  Maybe they have a secret to their success.  Maybe they use the right interior design team for that outside the box thinking of sheer confidence!

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The Weekly Review Little Black “domicile”! 12.17.17


Catch Up On With Interior Design and Decor Ideas


 A Fantastic Budget Friendly Kitchen Update littleblackdomicile

Click Here- A Fantastic Budget Friendly Kitchen Update

Our Own Miss Metalology Mixing Metals In Interior Design littleblackdomicile

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Statement Lighting The Family Jewels Of A Home littleblackdomicile

Click Here- Statement Light Fixtures…


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Statement Light Fixtures…

Are The Family Jewels

Black Dress Edited.png


Chandelier 2.jpg

Tech Lighting

 Jewelry and lighting have noticeable similarities.  Adding the right lighting to a room can have the same effect as adding a fabulous necklace to your Little Black Dress. (LBD!) Think of lighting as the rooms jewelry.  The combinations are endless!

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The Weekly Review – 10.29.17

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