How To Use That Funky Space Under The Stairs-Bottoms Up!

This May Make Us A Little Tipsy!

stacey_earley glitz and glam wet bar under staircase

We all love the idea of having a special “Mad Man” like spot that signals us to unwind at the end of a productive day.  What if we used that funky space under a staircase for something other than a closet?

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What Do A Swimming Pool and An Ugly Staircase Have In Common? Before & After 10.24.18

house beautiful-plunge-pool-dark-shutters

Wednesday “Wow”!

Oh those blues and greens we all conjure up thinking about the reflection of the water in a swimming pool.  Beautiful right?  Right!  Which is exactly how we were inspired to update an ugly staircase.

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

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5 Favorite Staircases With A Personality


The latest statistics show that we have just inched over the 50% mark of more homes having staircases than not.  In new construction, many have more than one set of stairs.  Regardless of whether or not we choose to live in a house with stairs, we can all agree that staircases are a stunning feature of our homes interior design.

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Staircase Before and After 6.6.18

Natalie Jacob- Arsenic Lace- Stairway-Before and After

What’s a gal, living in New York City, to do when her fantastic architectural staircase just does not reflect who she is?  We save thousands of photos everyday in our design firm archives.  Seldom do we save an entire post link like we did last November when we saw how creatively this gal used paint in an unexpected way!

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The Sunday Spy 5.20.18

gretchen black- foyer- gray arch door- patterned wood floor- gold statement lighting-wood wall panels

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Architectural details, like the ones shared via Gretchen Black in this amazing foyer, can inspire the interior design of a home.  At first glance we see an entry just waiting for the finishing touches. With a closer look, we see this space is perfect without a single furnishing!

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Let’s Help This Staircase!


This home is currently for sale and was on a online site recently.  That’s all the photo credit we want to give because we remain true to the philosophy that everyone’s one home is perfect for them. However, this  entry does not work for either of us in its current state.



As a designer I see so much potential in this entry/foyer. The staircase is absolutely stunning. The red wall color that was popular 20 years ago needs to be updated. The furniture and accessories look out of place and are a distraction. -Kristen


FullSizeRender 10.36.24 PM (1).jpg



I often take the color out of a photo to be able to be more objective of the structure of a room.  Even without the red wall color,  this is a good example of a decor that is out of sync with the architecture.  Today’s buyers would appreciate exposing more of the wood flooring and having fun with stair treads.  We’d suggest  a wall color that works as a background to the stair structure.  We’d use larger, but less, furniture and add some natural elements.  So, yes, I agree this is a Leave It in it’s current state.  Let’s look at some staircases and entries that would make our Love It category right now and forever.– Laurel 

If you must have a grand, double staircase….a black and white color pallet with greenery is timeless.


Megan Morris

Or if you only have “one”  grand staircase…same theory can apply.



Finally, if you are one of the other 99.99%…make the most of your workhorse.


New Canaan House Tour




Thisisthefirst Home

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