Take The Fall With Us


photo via lovefusca, black volkswagen beetle with pale colored surf boards, parked in front of ocean,
photo via lovefusca

Anyone who knows even the slightest thing about me, knows Fall is my season!  In jeans and sweaters, taking salty walks on the beach and visiting cities where the smell of changing leaves is in the air.  In our home, the nesting and prep for hibernation begins with a few things on our To Do List.

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Two Things That Go Hand-N-Hand With Travel

Money Jar



Foods of Israel
via Broma Bakery

Many of us, Americans in particular, have an ongoing love affair with traveling to other countries where we can see centuries old architecture while dining on all the glorious foods of cultures different from our own.

 Israel is one of the countries that certainly fits this criteria.

Israel The Dome of the Rock
The Dome of the Rock

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Ready For A Vacation Without The Travel?



Vacations can be a double edged sword.  An oxymoron.  Most of us take a vacation to relax; to have a few days where our routine is not the same as when we are home.  The concept of most vacations might be summed up as freedom.  Except….we have to get there and then get back!  Nix the freedom part for at least two days of our precious time. What if…..

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Follow The Yellow Brick Road



Like many others this holiday weekend, Mr. LBD and I traveled.  Yes, on purpose, we chose to be in the throngs of joyous people boarding a plane in anticipation of a long weekend of fun and frolic.  This also meant we were to be among these same numbers heading home.  Anyone feel like I do that there is no place like home….especially after a trip?  I’m like a trail horse who see’s the barn on the last leg of a jaunt and I can’t wait to get back!

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The Norman Rockwell’s of Today

New Life For An Architectural Gem


About a decade ago, the term Boutique Hotel began to surface in the travel world.  These hotels often were smaller, and a bit more minimalistic than the major chains.  They all had a unique personality.  Most had a bar with select food options, and of course coffee.  Early on, as we stayed at the various hotels, I tried very hard to relay to others what we liked about them.  What was the draw?  I really couldn’t pinpoint any one thing they all had in common except they have a “feeling” that is comforting in a haunting kind of way.

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Go with me Somewhere

Ignacia Palomo Duarte .jpg

My husband would jump in anyone’s suitcase at anytime.  He is infamous for agreeing to be part of your travel plans in what I call polite conversations.  He is the ultimate traveler and makes your trip the event of a lifetime. You can’t wait to plan your next vacation with him.

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Tiny Treasures



Do you sometimes wonder, or dare to dream, what it might be like to live in a smaller home?  We are not talking about one of the tiny homes that HGTV all of sudden is convincing people they need to pull around from one friends yard to another. Not a teeny, tiny home that requires you to crunch down to the size of a flattened mouse to get to the loft bed.  Or one that means a trip to the laundromat each week.

No, we are talking about homes so efficient and design oriented that we forget they are only 700-900 sq feet. Homes enticing enough that we are itching to give them a chance to make a difference in our lives.

Homes with….

  • Architectural Interest
  • Creative Decor
  • Efficient Uses of Space
  • Specific Storage
  • Fewer Finer Furnishings
  • Space for  Art and Collections
  • Wardrobes that Work
  • Easy Maintenance
  • In Diverse Engaging Neighborhoods





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Grease is the Word…

is the word…is the word.



If you don’t know what movie this song title is from then I know you are in the under 50 group right off the bat. Yes…we meant to spell it wrong in the title. Not that this matters for todays arm chair traveling to Santorini, Greece.  All ages will want to take this trip!


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Armchair Travel

Inspired Traveller .jpeg

There are many homes in many places that I want to live in.   I accept that  there are too many for me to get to them all “in person”.  However, virtually I have enjoyed a lot of them.  Thanks to such detailed websites I will probably never run out of choices.  When I armchair travel I stay at places that are unique.  My definition of unique simply means properties that are different from our home.  The reasons these homes are appealing may be the location, the scenery, the architecture or the decor.   Sometimes a combination of all these things. They may be sleek and shiny or a bit decadent.  They can be thousands of square feet to fill up with friends and family or compactly intimate. Let’s take a look at the latest guilty pleasure.

La Maison du Figuier – for Rent in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines


A Jeans and Sweatshirt Kind of Beach1f68f5ab-4840-41d4-80cb-90c4188a744c.jpg

Whitewashed Walls, Concrete Floors, Stone Walls Peeking thru just to remind us that they were here first. No Tv.  Wireless a must.153aa051-7d83-4f32-bb00-737be1120217.jpg

Evening Fires we can still Smell in the Morning.70f24100-86e8-4c90-adbe-6fac5c5f404e.jpg

A Kitchen so Simple no Instructions Needed.9b74c212-10cb-4b84-821c-4d2ee6f5e3a1.jpg

Look at the Color of these Fresh Figs!


Sunlight with Time to Enjoy  Soaking it In.6d526a1f-c739-4be3-9b17-4f83c8dc9468.jpg

Outdoor Areas not Overdone.


Beds so Comfy and Forgiving Linensb5983ed0-3eda-498f-a291-503f3fbdd571.jpg

 Little Wind Burnt Faces Sleeping against the Color of these Bunks…


So the next day can be an exact repeat of the one before.


Savor Sunday!

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