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Two Interior Designers-Two Ways To Recharge


How Do You Feel After A Long Weekend?


Monday can come pretty fast after a long holiday weekend.  Join us today and see how our team of two interior designers….recharge in different ways.


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It’s Travel Season

Let’s Get Motivated To Go Someplace!

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My husband would jump in anyone’s suitcase…. at anytime.  He is infamous for agreeing to be part of your travel plans during what I call “polite conversations”.  He is the ultimate traveler and makes every journey the event of a lifetime.  You can’t wait to plan your next travel season with him.

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A Blast From The Past….How LBD Used To Spend Sundays




In the blog world, it’s kinda fun to go back and see how things were early on.  When LBD started, we did a recap of the week on Sundays.  Here’s a blast from the past…August 6th, 2017.


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The Perks of No Longer Needing A Big Corner Office



Years ago, to be considered successful in our work space, we’d climb the proverbial office ladder and think we had made it when we got the big fancy office with a view.   Thank goodness times have changed and we can all benefit from the perks of no longer needing that corner office.

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10 Things That Make An Airbnb Unforgettable


The little horse race, the first Saturday in May, always brings lots of visitors to the city.  This is a time for several days of fun!  There is nothing like having the perfect spot to rest up between events.  Today on another Wednesday “Wow”!  we will once again share our clients, now up and running, successful Airbnb.  Here are 10 things that make this rental unforgettable!

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Where Does A Young Interior Designer Get Inspiration?

Motivational Monday!

Recently, my design radar was in full mode during a get away with the hubby, Mr. LBD Junior, to celebrate a close friend’s wedding.  Traveling always offers interior designers such amazing inspiration and the time to take it all in!

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