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Got A Camera Phone?  Then Virtual Interior Design Can Work For You!

Virtual Interior Design is a collaboration between you, and our designers  to develop a design plan you can implement yourself with confidence!

Your project is unique and unlike any other.  Using our virtual interior design packages allows you to see your decor from a new objective. This is an economical way to use a designer and incorporate your thoughts with professional advice, perhaps avoiding costly mistakes while having a bit of fun!  Consider using us for your next project…no matter the size. Virtual interior design is available for every room in your home!

Virtual Interior Design Packages

Here’s a quick idea of what your custom package may include.

Inspirational Photo(s)

Intended Indulgence.jpg

When requested, we send you photos that will help you “visualize” the concept and feel of your new space.  Your design will be customized for the amenities or limitations of your space.  Sometimes pictures are worth so much more than 1000 words!

Floor Plans

Note:  We will provide a copy of your “as is” floor plan we create from your measurements.  We will ask you to check the measurements before we proceed with the new concept plans and elevations.

New Layout Concept Plans

Intended Indulgence Floor Plan 03.20.17.jpg


Intended Indulgence Wall B Elevation 03.20.17.jpg

Intended Indulgence Wall A Elevation 03.20.17.jpg

For rooms other than kitchens and baths, floor plans and elevations are not always necessary.  However, they can allow you, and us, to make sure that items suggested will be the right scale and work in your space.  We can decide together if your project merits the drawings and talk with you about cost to prepare these.

Project Selections

Depending on the scope of your project, you will recommend details to asset you to complete the work.  We’ve got a package for one set of selections, or two…the choice is up to you.  We can prepare complete bid specifications as well.  Virtual Interior Design is really DIY with a plan!

Color Pallet Options 

Option A Paint Selections.jpg

Option B Paint Selections.jpgMaterial Boards 

Blog Master Bathroom Selections.jpg


Blog Master Bath Accessories.jpeg

We will prepare custom selections for your project.  Along with the above photo boards of all materials for your project, you will also receive all online links for the project. You will be able to see all the details of each item suggested and begin to source the project yourself with a simple click.

Interior Design From Your Sofa…It Can Be Fun!


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