Do I Need A Designer?

How To Decide To Work With An Interior Designer

“Do I need a designer?  With all the ideas and resources available to me online and with social media..I should be able to do this myself!”

Except… you only have so many hours in a day, have other responsibilities and people you’d like to spend time with.  You are likely logging many hours saving photos and ideas from sources like Pinterest . Right now you may have a  phone full of photos and a long wish list. Some projects you have implemented either didn’t turn out like you envisioned or look just like someone else’s!

Expectations and Reality

Not only are our homes large investments, they are also reflections of the things most important to us. We count on these mere structures to reach their greatest potential and meet so all our needs…daily and for years to come.  Social media and the internet have allowed information and inspiration to overwhelm us! Many times to the point of paralysis when trying to decide what the best choices are for home and lifestyle.

Permission to Practice Self-Compassion

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not seeing instant results. You might take a while to get to where you want to be.  That’s okay. Develop a plan you are confident with… and enjoy the journey of implementing it.  When you are comfortable with your choices don’t let the never ending marketing of goods available today let doubts creep back in.  Using a designer to help you with a workable plan will help you accomplish the goals you have for your home.

“What Do I Get Using An Interior Design?” 

Use of Space and Existing Furnishings while Problem Solving 

Many times clients feel they do not have enough space, or the right furnishings, in their existing home. In new homes they may be debating how to best use existing furnishings in new spaces.  Sometimes an area in a home is simply not working. Our main approach with a new client is to evaluate how the spaces in their home are to be used with the existing furnishings…first.  Then move forward and show you how to utilize your space and furnishings in conjunction with any renovations or new purchases.  We want your home to welcome you each day and give you that feeling of “Wow I am home!” every time you open the door.

Uniqueness with Confidence

Although it has been said that copying is the ultimate compliment….we do not want this to apply to our clients homes!  Social media, and TV design programs, have created somewhat of an unrealistic nature to home decor in presenting what a home “must” have.  As designers we see too much of the same ideas repeated.  It’s a great marketing tool for retailers, but trendy decor misses so many opportunities. Your home’s structure, lighting, your lifestyle, needs and budget are unique.  We will show you a plan that provides confident decor choices instead of duplicating a trend that may quickly disappear.  We just get “giddy” with the opportunity to show you ways to have the perfect interior with options you may not have considered!  Many times our ideas can be implemented for less cost and more impact.  Good design is not about how much money we spend.

Resources, Contacts and Management 

However, gently put…without a plan…buying cheap products and using bad labor can be very costly. Management of a project can be frustrating without adequate time to devote.  When using our design services, we pass on our trade discounts and qualified labor contacts.  We can manage projects for you or provide you with complete specifications so you can self manage your projects. We consider the opportunity to work with you a privilege and will strive to do everything we can to make your project enjoyable and successful.  Not in our area?  Try our Online Design Packages .


Less Stress…More Fun!

Working with a designer can alleviate a lot of the stress associated with all phases of project.  You will be able to bounce all kinds of ideas and “what ifs” off a knowledgable designer to decide how, and more importantly IF you want to proceed with a project. When you select the right designer you will have a professional who can be your liaison with contractors and suppliers.  Someone who represents you and knows every aspect of the project.  Someone you can contact with serious or silly questions without hesitation.

Real Estate Today and the Perfect Home

Many times we are contacted by a real estate professional to prepare evaluations of what a seller needs to do to prepare their property to sell.    Updates are very important.  They need to be tailored to the home, the market and the budget.  Doing updates to sell are stressful at best. The best results are when the homeowner, the agent and a caring designer all work as a team.  We will get the job done. However, here’s a suggestion. We’d much rather help our clients make improvements that enhance their homes and lifestyles.  Why not enjoy your efforts while you create a home that will be the most desirable in any market!  Plan the work and work the plan!



 Working with an Interior Designer can be more beneficial than ever before.  Toss aside the assumption that all interior designers
will be too expensive for your projects.  This simply does not have to be true! The right designer will work with you to identify your home’s assets, and shortcomings and will help you determine a realistic budget for you to  create a home that works for you and your family. We will show you how to get the best value with your purchases and in your renovation projects. With our firm, Laurel Bledsoe Design  you may retain our services for as many, or a few hours you need.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and discuss how we may be able to assist you in creating  The Perfect LBD For Your Home!

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