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What Does It Mean To Accessorize Minimally?

,Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


One of our favorite design blogs, Coco Lapine Designs ,shares minimal interior design daily.  Recently she posted this photo of a corner in her own home and it has inspired us to talk about what it means to accessorize minimally.

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Super Quick Ways To Update A Bathroom NOW!


All week we have talked about bathrooms.  We are fired up to spruce up our own this weekend.  Just like a previous Friday Favorites,  here are tips on Five Ways to update a bathroom NOW!

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5 Quick Ways To Feather Your Nest and Get A High End Design

It’s the weekend, the weather is supposed to be getting cooler and we are itching to feather our nest.  Join us today for our thoughts on 5 ways to get a high end design…now!

#1- Choose Larger Accessories

nested tours-large-aceesories-home

No matter the decor, larger scale accessories offer a high end design quickly.  A single item, several or a grouping all grab our attention.

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Timeless Textural Elements Enhance Interior Design

It Takes So Little To “Feel” Good Design

harry seidler quote "good design doesn't date"

We live in a tactile world.  How often do we see with the touch of our fingertips?  It’s human nature to caress something that appeals to us.  It’s also nearly impossible to keep our hands off something that says “Do not touch!”  No where is this more real than in the interior designs of our homes.  We just have to feel how good the design is!

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