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Spring In Kentucky Means….

Alfresco Dining At Derby Time!


Forget those other national holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving….in Kentucky the most important holiday takes place the first Saturday in May.  Nothing says Spring like the Kentucky Derby!

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There Is Nothing Like Dining Alfresco!

paul rysz-european street lined with cafe tables-alfresco diners

Ah, dining alfresco!  Is there anything like it?  The aromas are richer, the clink of a coffee cup or wine glass sounds almost like music, and the patrons are all content.  Rushing through a meal is the last thing on our minds.  In fact, to me alfresco dining signals a time to linger, even waste a bit of time.

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The Sunday Spy 4.1.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

mydomaine outdoor patio alfresco dining

This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  We’re dreaming of using our outdoor spaces like this one shared via my domaine At first glance we see the way the sun dances all around this patio.  With a closer look, we delve in and can envision ourselves gathered around a table just like this one on Sunday we savor!

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Summertime… And The Livin’ Is Easy



The phrase al fresco is borrowed from Italian for “in the cool [air]”, although it is not in current use in that language in reference to dining outside.  Instead, Italians use the phrases fuori or all’aperto.[3] In Italian, the expression al fresco usually refers to spending time in jail.  While you are letting this tidbit sink in…let’s talk about dishes!

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