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Is There Such A Thing As A Mini Kitchen Renovation?

How One Family Saved $70K Using A Design Team For Their Kitchen Renovation

How We Got A Kitchen We Love For Less

laurelbledsoedesign design selection board for Baringer Kitchen

“We saved a bundle of money and months of disruption and hassle.  My husband and I talked to three contractors about removing a load bearing brick wall and gut renovating the kitchen in our 100+ year old home—we had only lived there a year. 

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How To Achieve Budget Friendly High End Design With DIY Projects

Confidence Inspires Motivation For DIY Home Projects


As a young designer and homeowner, there is nothing I enjoy more than helping others create homes that are perfectly suited to their lifestyles and their budgets.  Ah yes…the budget.  We all have one.  Most of us also know the super weekend warrior who seems to DIY quicker and for less money than others.  Maybe they have a secret to their success.  Maybe they use the right interior design team for that outside the box thinking of sheer confidence!

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