We Are Dangerously Close To Guest Bedroom Time!

Do We Need New Towels?

Here we go, in about two weeks we start the holiday guest season.  Yep, already!   Join us on Pinterest to drool over more than 100 bedrooms we’d love to be a guest in.  Then hop over to the post this Monday and get Motivated to have a guest room that can be ready in about 10 minutes for all those we invite into our lovely homes!








Be Your Own Guest 

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Show Your Dresser Some Love

What’s In Your Drawers?


Perhaps this is too personal of a subject.  However, re-thinking how to use a dresser can really show your dresser some love!

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Is That An Empty Wire Hanger Dangling In Your Closet?- Week #4

Himalayan Salt Soap3oz _ 85.05g


We don’t have to look very far to find someone telling us to clean out our closets.  There are tips on how to edit and purge clothing.  There are lovely photos of closets, larger than some homes, that look like a small boutique.  Then there is that thing about keeping what only sparks joy.  All fine and good, but in reality what every closet has in common is a hanger.

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