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Fall, Food, Fashion and Friday Favorites

Fall Fashion And Interior Design Have So Much In Common


Interior designers often get decor inspiration from a season on the fashion runway.  Other times, the design of a space can trigger all kinds of ways to use textures and colors in our wardrobes.  Another example of how fashion and interior design have so much in common!

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Where Does Interior Design Inspiration Come From?


Pine Cones and Acorn

Interior Design is a profession full of exact measurements, scale and balance.  This set of rules is a given that has to be followed for projects to be successful.  Inspiration for a project, however, is endless.  Inspiration from fellow bloggers is priceless.

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Our Favorite Summer Decor Ideas


Ever get the itch to change up your home’s decor with the season?  Kinda like we change up our wardrobes?  We do!  Today, this Friday lets look at our Favorite Summer Decor Ideas.

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Fantastic Derby Hats And Interior Design

To Run For The Roses You Gotta Have A Derby Hat!

ESPN Large Red Hat with white feathers

Today we have the Lilies for the Fillies, and tomorrow is the greatest 2 minutes in sports.  What do both these horse races have in common?  Derby Hats!

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Periwinkle…A Favorite Color In Fashion and Decor

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Periwinkle

Perwinkle In Fashion and Littleblackdomicile

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

In Lousiville we have a big event starting this weekend.  The two weeks approaching The Kentucky Derby are full of events where we all want to look our best.  So for this Friday Favorites, let’s have some fun with a color that is often initially overlooked but ever so memorable! Periwinkle! Read more…

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