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Wardrobes, The Unconventional Closet

Designing Dream Dressing Areas

The Container Store Black and White Wall Unit Closet

Today on another Friday Favorites  we share the many ways to think beyond the constructed closets in our homes.  Let’s create and enjoy unconventional wardrobes!

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The One Big Thing We Miss With A No Gift Christmas

We all have most of what we need, and even what we want.  The excess of holiday gifts can add to our stress when both buying and receiving.  So many of us are on board with the idea of spending quality time with each other this holiday in lieu of giving tangible gifts.  We will even coin the phrase “to be present”  is the present.  Catchy, right?   However, there is one big thing we will miss in a no gift Christmas….

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Happy Thanksgiving Time!

Black and White Appliances…..

Are We Ready To Ditch The Stainless?


We’re going to let you in on a little secret….most designers do not like an entire kitchen full of stainless steel appliances.  As a matter of fact, it’s pretty black and white that we love designs without any shades of gray!

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How To Use That Funky Space Under The Stairs-Bottoms Up!

This May Make Us A Little Tipsy!

stacey_earley glitz and glam wet bar under staircase

We all love the idea of having a special “Mad Man” like spot that signals us to unwind at the end of a productive day.  What if we used that funky space under a staircase for something other than a closet?

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