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The One Big Thing We Miss With A No Gift Christmas

We all have most of what we need, and even what we want.  The excess of holiday gifts can add to our stress when both buying and receiving.  So many of us are on board with the idea of spending quality time with each other this holiday in lieu of giving tangible gifts.  We will even coin the phrase “to be present”  is the present.  Catchy, right?   However, there is one big thing we will miss in a no gift Christmas….

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Let’s “Wrap” This Week Up!

One Week Before “Black Friday”

Do you know where your wrapping paper is?


Yes, next week is Thanksgiving already!  For some, this means the biggest shopping day of the year is also next week.  Those gifts will be appearing in droves.  Have you checked your supplies?  Ready to wrap?!

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Interior Designers Are The Hairdresser of the Home

Have you ever cut your own hair badly or had a DIY interior design project flop?


Interior Designers Are The Hairdressers Of The Home

Raise your hand if you have ever stood in front of your mirror crying after a botch job to your hair “just to get you by till your next appointment”, or worse yet to “save money”!  Or, have you made an even more costly mistake with your home by implementing a DIY project without an overall interior design plan? Raise your hand again!

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