Does Virtual Interior Design Really Work For A DIY Project?


A Great Room Before & After


In today’s technical world, all interior designs have virtual components.  A photo here, an email there to support an interior’s design plan happens all the time.  But can a true, virtual interior design really be planned and implemented as a DIY project to work?

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Cheerleading 101- Do I Need An Interior Designer?


“Do I need a designer…. with all the ideas and resources available to me online and with social media..I should be able to do this myself!”

Except… you only have so many hours in a day, have other responsibilities and people you’d like to spend time with.  You are likely logging many hours saving photos and ideas from sources like Pinterest.  Right now you may have a phone full of photos and a long wish list.  Some projects you have implemented either didn’t turn out like you envisioned or look just like someone else’s!  So do you need a designer?

Lucy and Ethel In Workmans Clothes
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Now you can share LBD via text!
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