Are You Unhappy With Your Home’s Interior Design? Please don’t be!


Bringing interior design to the masses is a multi-million dollar business for so many companies and designers.  The marketing campaigns instantly get our attention and lure us into wanting the latest and greatest offered.  However, after following the trends, we have clients who are still unhappy with their home’s interior.

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Hello…Do I Need An Interior Designer?

Why To Decide To Work With An Interior Designer

society6 why I need an interior designer?

“Do I need a designer…. with all the ideas and resources available to me online and with social media..I should be able to do this myself!” Except…

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Implementing Design Concepts

Flash Back Fun!

This is a repost…but we love the video so much we want to reshare!

I’ll Have What She’s Having …In Her Decor That Is

Broma Bakery Pears On White Plates

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”-Oscar Wilde

 In our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, Kristen and I are privileged to work with so many wonderful and interesting clients that allow us to push the limits of conventional design.  We are always honored to help them achieve a design, and decor, that is the perfect LBD for them.  Our job is to develop and implement a concept that makes us all “want to have what she’s having”!

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How Much Does It Cost To Have An Interior Designer In Your “Toolbox”?

Do You Think Using An Interior Designer Will Be Too Expensive?

oscar de la renta-luxury-living

More than anything else, interior design is a very personal service.  We pay for all kinds of other services for our homes, often our largest asset, so why not learn more about what it costs to work with an interior designer?

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