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Quick Ways To Update A Laundry Area-Before & After

Just Add Decor! A Bathroom Before and After – 7.25.18


Sometimes there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with the interior design of a space in our home.  Take this bathroom for instance.  It has a Kohler Memoirs commode and pedestal sink which are fixtures we spec all the time.  The black and white small tile floor is classic and easy to maintain.  There is nice natural light coming from a large window.  It functions just fine.  Yet, most of us look at this photo and think it needs “something”.   Just add decor!

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Before and After Laundry Room 6.20.18

laurelbledsoe-design-laundry-before photo

How many houses do we see with an 8’x7′ space that is called a laundry room?  When in reality this space is actually the main entrance for its owners everyday.  Shouldn’t it be a tad more inviting…especially if it’s a room to do our laundry in?

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The Management Of Our DeCluttering Efforts

Dana K White- How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

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Management Systems For The Unmanageable

Thanks to social media, HGTV and blogs exactly like the one you are reading right now (!), we all think we should declutter.  Yes, clean up, clean out and enjoy the stress free life right?  Maybe those extremely stressful, marathon clean out sessions didn’t take at your house either.  Perhaps the reason is because so many of the how to books are written by organized people who frankly, must make organizing their hobby.  The book above is written by a gal who has the same philosophy as we do when designing a home.  Everyone has a system of how they operate.  Tweaking that system is the best way to manage clutter and get a little closer to finding that unicorn of the stress free life.

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What Do We Really Need Our Homes To Do?



Have you ever googled the definition of the two words Need and Want?  Probably not because we all think we know the difference.  Go ahead and do a search and you will see that Webster, Wikipedia and many other online sources seem to be blurring this line indeed!


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I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair




It’s Monday and we all need a little Motivation to get the laundry done this week.  Half the nation has been on school spring break somewhere.  The rest of us have played hooky from weekend chores and enjoyed a little spring weather.  Regardless, in a lot of homes right now, there is laundry everywhere. Who are we kidding, this week is not too much different from any other week. There is always laundry to be done!  Unsorted, sorted and lying around in piles ready to wash, some in the washer ready to dry, some laying in the dryer wrinkling and hopefully some hanging and folded, ready to put away.

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