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Take The Fall With Us…Again!




Anyone who knows even the slightest thing about me, knows Fall is my season!  In jeans and sweaters, taking salty walks on the beach and visiting cities where the smell of changing leaves is in the air.  In our home, the nesting and prep for hibernation begins with a few things on our Fall To Do List.

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How To Find An Inspiring Decor

I’ll Have What She’s Having …In Her Decor That Is

Broma Bakery Pears On White Plates

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”-Oscar Wilde

 In our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, Kristen and I are privileged to work with so many wonderful and interesting clients that allow us to push the limits of conventional design.  We are always honored to help them achieve a design, and decor, that is the perfect LBD for them.  Our job is to develop and implement a concept that makes us all “want to have what she’s having”!

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(5) Savvy Reasons To Rent Rather Than Buy A Home


breakfast table with blue and white dishes via coco lapine
Coco Lapine

A day does not go by where the term “downsizing” is not heard in our industry.    Even if someone is not looking to move from a larger abode, to a smaller one, in the near future, many are tossing around the idea.  What is refreshing to us is that it’s not just us “older baby boomers” pondering living larger in smaller homes.  We’ve got some pretty savvy younger groups who say why wait?

What if we never “upsized” our homes and therefore didn’t need to “downsize”?  We know just a group who has this figured out.  We are always excited to be asked to help them develop a plan to make their homes the perfect LBD for them!

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The Weekly Review Little Black “domicile”! 11.26.17

The Weekly Review Little Black “domicile”! 11.19.17

How To Be Confident With Design Decisions

Help!   I am so frustrated trying to finish even one room in my home.

A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week Of Content

Every year about this time, we get what we call “Panic Calls” from soon to be clients.  These calls come from folks who are in the middle of a project, or are paralyzed and can’t pull the trigger to begin a project.  Both clients have one thing in common.  A fear of making a design mistake.  Sound familiar?  We sincerely hope not, but if so…..

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