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Dirt Can Be The Greatest Motivator When Choosing A Tile Floor – Take Two

Our most viewed post of 2018 is apparently all about being dirty!  Seriously, it’s about choosing products in our renovations that suite our lifestyles.  Let’s take another look on this Motivational Monday!

 Floors That Show Less Dirt

vtwonen concrete tile patio floor -littleblackdomicile

Clients who know us well know that we always ask about pets during the initial consultation.  Even during a virtual design, we like to know all about the pets.  Type, size, and color.  Why do we want to know the color of a pet?   And what in the world has this got to do with floor tile?

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What Does A Guest Really Need In A Bathroom?

Selling Furniture Online Eliminates The Heavy Work


Just as our needs in our wardrobes change, so do our needs in our home’s furnishings.  However, unlike light weight clothing, furniture can be bulky and a bit of a pain to get out of the house.  Selling furniture online lets someone else do the heavy work!

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Is Orange Too Scary Of A Color To Use In Our Home’s Interior Design?

Are You Unhappy With Your Home’s Interior Design?


Bringing interior design to the masses is a multi-million dollar business for so many companies and designers.  The marketing campaigns instantly get our attention and lure us into wanting the latest and greatest offered.  However, after following the trends, we have clients who are still unhappy with their home’s interior.

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Can Everyday Life Be Part Of Our Interior Design?

Motivational Monday


This morning my kitchen counter has pots/pan left drying on towels from last night and the sink is going to soon have dirty breakfast dishes in it. I’d love to have this all tidy before I leave…but it’s not going to happen because I’d rather be a few minutes early for my first appointment so my week starts off smoothly.  So what I choose to see this morning are the remnants of the cozy Sunday night dinner shared with my hubby and the breakfast I made time to eat today.-Feb 2017

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