The Sunday Spy 1.13.19


We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Designs that are a little different from the norm, like this one shared by the citizenry   At first glance we sneak a peek into the wonderful idea of a nursery in the perfect spot off the kitchen. With a closer look, we see all the wonderful layers that make this design just perfect for the new busy Mom and Dad! Read more…

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Oooooh Baby We Love Your Nursery!

Sometimes The Tiny Ones Have The Best Rooms

pixaby smiling baby in white blanket

Look at this charmer!  No doubt he is so happy because his Momma prepared the perfect little LBD for his nest.   Join us this Friday and see some of our Favorite nursery designs.

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Now you can share LBD via text!
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