Organization…Boy Do We Need It!

Getting “Skinny” At Home

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Admit it, open shelving for our storage needs is tempting.  There is a certain charm to having everything we need at arms reach, within view and a bit messy!  It’s January.  Every other blog is talking about healthy eating and getting skinny, so let’s keep our resolution and let our homes help us with Organization…Boy Do We Need It!

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Personalizing A Spec House TV Area Before & After-8.8.18


When a builder, or developer as is the case in many Florida communities, builds a house without a specific homeowner under contract for that property, it is called a Spec House.  The builder speculates what a prospective buyer will want to buy in terms of the layout and finishes.  Even in the best built spec homes, buyers will want to do some personalizing.

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Building A Better Bookcase


“A set of shelves for books set in a surrounding frame or cabinet.”

This dictionary definition of a bookcase quickly shows us how we are evolving as a society.  For those who do still relish the feel and smell of some pulp fiction, do you have bookcases dedicated entirely to the storage of these treasures?  If not, what are you doing with the empty bookshelves?

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Do You Dread Opening Your Pantry Door?

The Weekly Review – 10.22.17

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