Black & White Decor Always Works

Move Often?  Then A Black & White Decor Is For You!


Some people are just nomads.  Laurel and Mr. LBD have moved again, as we know from last week’s post.  For them, incorporating a particular color palette into their decor gives them the most flexiblilty.  Wherever they land, using a black & white decor always works!

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The Sunday Spy 4.29.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

domaine spanish style home -terra cotta tile roof- aqua pool-white stucco walls-black window frames- bougevilla-potted plants-round gutters


This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  It’s time to start dreaming of outdoor spaces like this one shared via domaine.  At first glance all we see is this pool!  With a closer look, we see all the details that make us want to lounge away a Sunday here.

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