Great Interior Designers Have The Best Photographers


The number one comment we hear during a project is, “Wow, I would have never thought of that!”  Interior designers are thrilled that you depend on us to “think like that” !  We are equally thankful we have the best photographers to see what we see.

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How To Work With A Virtual Interior Designer “In-Style”


Beth Djalali, Style at a Certain Age
Beth In Her New Style YouTube Office

Beth Djalali is the powerhouse behind the successful fashion blog Style at a Certain Age .

This gal is a daily inspiration to literally hundreds of thousands of women who follow her posts.  To put it in perspective, I will repeat what she told me.  300,000+ people following you is like three football stadiums full to capacity.  She inspires me to make an effort with my wardrobe everyday.  However, as a blogger, I understand the responsibility she has to her readers.  It’s equally exciting and exhausting.  Many bloggers work at home.  We were very happy to present suggestions that truly allow work spaces to be part of our homes.

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Now you can share LBD via text!
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