Architecture-Because Every One Has A “Castle”

A Woman’s Home Is Her Castle

Kate Marker Interiors White Washed Gate and Painted White Brick Walls

Yikes! It’s Friday already!  We are on a project site all week with some hairy deadlines.  When we get a tad stressed we look at architecture to unwind.  We invite you to join us today, as we scroll thru our archives, at examples of amazing architecture like this one shared by Kate Marker Interiors.

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What Pinterest And Groundhog Day Have In Common

A Year Ago We Didn’t Even Have A Pinterest Page

bill murray_grundhogsday_image Aliven

Until 2017, Laurel Bledsoe Design did not use Pinterest at all.  You could say we were living under the proverbial rock, or perhaps in the Groundhog’s burrow.

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The Weekly Review – 9.24.17

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