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Hello…Do I Need An Interior Designer?

Why To Decide To Work With An Interior Designer

society6 why I need an interior designer?


“Do I need a designer…. with all the ideas and resources available to me online and with social media..I should be able to do this myself!” Except…

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When Is A House Not A Home…

White Brick Front Porch, Gas Lanterns, Boxwood Planters At Entry, Plank Window Shutters, Double Door Entry, Rockers On The Porch
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As Soon As It Goes To Market

The minute you consider placing your home on the market is when it needs to become a house again.  It was just a house when you purchased or built it.  It was a business transaction, and a very important one in your life.  After the purchase is when this mere piece of architecture became your home, filled to the brim with your memories and your personalities.  When you decide to pass this house onto someone else, you must look at it as a business transaction, a very large one that you want to be successful.  You are not selling your memories.  They get to go with you.  Read more…

Now you can share LBD via text!
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