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10 Things That Make An Airbnb Unforgettable


The little horse race, the first Saturday in May, always brings lots of visitors to the city.  This is a time for several days of fun!  There is nothing like having the perfect spot to rest up between events.  Today on another Wednesday “Wow”!  we will once again share our clients, now up and running, successful Airbnb.  Here are 10 things that make this rental unforgettable!

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A Different Way To Plan The Perfect Vacation

brabbu blue and white stripped beach umbrellas in sand

Perfect Vacation Photos

June 1st means vacations are on a lot of our minds.  We are busy planning where to go, how to get there, what to pack, and what to do in the few short days when we get to our destination.  Anticipation and expectations are high. What if we spend a little of this time getting in the mind set that will ensure we end up with some pretty amazing photo memories from a truly perfect vacation.


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Decompressing With Architecture

 Decompressing 101

littleblackdomicile rosemary beach

Last week our design firm hosted, or were part of, three open house marketing events.  Each of these took place after our normal 10 hour days of seeing clients, meeting with contractors, implementing projects and completing installations.  Mr. LBD, aka Mr. Social, even traveled to join in all the activities.  Needless to say, yours truly needed a few days of decompressing.

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For The Holiday’s There’s No Place Like Home…Except

A Full Service Hotel

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

Le Germain Hotel Quebec City

Nine years ago, as Mr. LBD was contemplating retirement, we purchased yet another property in Florida.  The idea, or as I call it “big sell” on his part was to promise me that we’d travel someplace for the fall and winter seasons I simply adore.  My part of the deal is to find our temporary accommodations that at the very least are equal to the comforts of our home.  After years of creating the perfect LBD’s for ourselves at home, this is getting harder to do…especially in a hotel situation.  So when an establishment offers so many things that make everyone happy, I want to share!

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