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5 Spring Break Kitchens We Can Picture Ourselves In!

The Not So Ordinary Kitchen


Here we are, in the middle of March already.  Traditionally, families head for sunny beach areas for this break from the school year routine.  Just for fun, let’s pretend we are spending our spring breaks enjoying these wonderful, not so ordinary, kitchens!

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Being Gutsy With Interior Design Makes An Airbnb Memorable – Before and After 7.11.18


No Guts No Glory


When long time clients decided to get into the short term, vacation rental business we had one piece of advice.  Go big or go big!  Which is exactly what they have done renovating a historic building in an equally historical Kentucky town.  Today let’s take a sneak peek to see how taking a few gutsy chances with the interior design is going to make this one memorable Airbnb!

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The Weekly Review- 8.6.17

Two Things That Go Hand-N-Hand With Travel



Foods of Israel
via Broma Bakery

Many of us, Americans in particular, have an ongoing love affair with traveling to other countries where we can see centuries old architecture while dining on all the glorious foods of cultures different from our own.

 Israel is one of the countries that certainly fits this criteria.

Israel The Dome of the Rock
The Dome of the Rock

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