Little Black "domicile"! virtual interior design

Does Virtual Interior Design Really Work For A DIY Project?


A Great Room Before & After


In today’s technical world, all interior designs have virtual components.  A photo here, an email there to support an interior’s design plan happens all the time.  But can a true, virtual interior design really be planned and implemented as a DIY project to work?

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Repurposing Existing Furnishings Can Create The Most Meaningful Before and After Reveals

The Living Room Reveal


Often some of the most interesting architectural designs in a home are in rooms that seldom get used.  Such a shame.  When we have the opportunity to help clients better use these spaces, we get all warm and fuzzy inside.  Especially when  repurposing some existing furnishings like in this welcoming space above!

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How To Take A Room’s “Good Bones” To The Next Level In A WEEKEND!


Many of us have rooms in our homes with “good bones” as the saying goes.  In reality we know there are really no bones yet elements to the space that are a good foundation for good design.

This room has a nice wood floor, a great pair of windows and some decent size base and top molding.  It’s also got a basic and a bit boring color palette.  What would you do to take this space to the next level in a “weekend”!

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Updating My Childhood Bathroom For The Next Generation


Todays post is very special to me.  Recently,  I had the opportunity to work with my parents updating my childhood bathroom for their grandchildren.  Keep reading to learn why this project is even more special to me for another reason.

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Virtual Interior Design…Can It Work For You?

Oak and Canvas Deck Chairs

Online Shopping Made Easy With A Virtual Interior Design Plan

“We’ve decided to stay at home this summer and enjoy our home everyday instead of a vacation that only lasts a week.  Can you help us make our outdoor space fun without breaking the bank? “-SB

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10 Gutsy and Glorious Bathroom Paint Colors

“How hard can it be to paint a bathroom?”-RG

Apartment Therapy Navy Wall Bathroom

Ah, the war cry of the weekend painter!  Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the house.  Surely they should be the easiest to paint….right?  Perhaps, until you pick the wrong paint color.

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